Exclusive Interview with Celebrity, Neelofa on Her Lofarbag Collection with Sometime by Asian Designers


Neelofa, one of Malaysia’s most prominent fashion icon and entrepreneur is collaborating with renowned designer bag expert Sometime by Asian Designers to launch their latest bag collection called the Lofarbag. ZALORA had the chance to get an exclusive interview with Neelofa herself to gain insight on what’s her take about the whole collection. Read our interview with her down below to discover how it all began.      

1.    First and foremost, every journey has a beginning and we would love to know the story of how this collaboration all began?

Well, it began when Sometime asked and I said yes! I love to collaborate with brands and I have been collaborating with a few. I think through collaborations, there are so many things that we can learn from each other. In so many ways, we get to boost both of our presence. It also helps me to improve, to exercise my creative mind and also to meet a lot of interesting people that I can learn from. When choosing to collaborate, I usually take some time to think about it but Sometime is already a huge and a household name in Malaysia so I immediately said yes when you guys approached and I am very excited for this collaboration!


2.    Share with us when did you start the creative planning process with Sometime by Asian Designers?


It started in the middle of February I think. There were meetings and discussions and a few times of presentations. And we went through this process for quite some time, back and forth, back and forth, just to make sure that we came up with something of quality and something that really represents my style.


3.    During the creative process, what were the key facets that both parties focused on in order to provide the best design for bag lovers?

I think the most important thing is the practicality of the bag. A bag can be pretty but not practical. And I usually will go for something that is practical so that was one of the things that we took into consideration. Next is of course the design, a well-designed, structured bag is crucial so you can fit your things and look chic at the same time. And lastly, it has to represent my style because it is Sometime x Neelofa !


4.    In three simple words, describe to us about the Sometime by Asian Designers X Neelofa bags?


Practical, chic and well-designed!


5.    What was the inspiration behind the Lofarbag collection?


I am a firm believer that the right bag pulls the whole look together! So, when designing this bag, and incorporating my personal styles into it, we came up with something structured, compact yet spacious and finished with gold detailing for that extra luxury touch to the bag. All that you need to take you from day to night!


6.    How many shades are available in this amazing Lofarbag collection? Please state the shades.

There are 9 shades available which are black, maroon, navy, dark brown, orange, red, baby blue, nude and mocha.


7.    If you could name one, what is your favourite go-to bag from the collection?

And if I couldn’t? All are my favorites!


8.    We are sure your fans would love to know what other future projects are in store from you. Share with us what your fans could look forward to?

I am very lucky because I have amazing fans who are always supporting me, of course I have a few future projects in store, but in the near future, I will be traveling a lot for networking and to expand my business.


The Lofarbag collection is now available exclusively on Southeast Asia’s fastest growing fashion e-retailer, ZALORA today.