How to Celebrate Malaysia's Independence Day


As Malaysia’s Independence Day is just around the corner, you might notice that the community is starting to show their patriotic love for the country. Falling on 31st August and declared as a public holiday, you will probably want to spend this significant occasion by celebrating Independence Day with your family and friends. If you have no idea how you can show off that country love spirit, here are some fun ways you can do to enjoy the whole experience.

1.    Decorate your place

Buy Merdeka decorations such as the Malaysia flag or even Malaysia flag garlands to decorate your home. Fly the country’s flag with pride because this will always remind you of the history of Malaysia that you learned in your school’s History textbook.


2.    Organize a Merdeka-themed party


For those who prefer to spend the Independence Day holiday with family and friends, organize a Merdeka-themed party at your place or if you can afford it, rent a space. Request your guests to show up to the party wearing clothes that represents the colours of the Malaysia flag and enjoy the themed party with patriotic and exchange cultural conversations with one another. Invite your friends from different races to celebrate the day.


3.    Attend a Merdeka Eve Party


Grab your friends and go attend a Merdeka Eve Party to experience the countdown to the historic moment with other fellow Malaysians. Search locations that organize these parties and pick one to enjoy the night!


4.    Go to the Merdeka Parade

Feel the spirit of Malaysia’s Independence by going to watch the Merdeka Parade that will be held at Putrajaya this year compared to Dataran Merdeka since the formation of the new government. Experience the shows, the parade and the endless Merdeka songs with your family and friends during that day. If you do not have the chance to be at the parade, watch the live coverage on your television to feel it in too.


So what are your plans to celebrate this year’s Malaysia Independence Day? Share it down below.