How to Embrace Change Like A Trooper

You've graduated from high school, college or university so what's next? Some people have their lives all figured out and know the next step they should take. A handful are just taking things as it comes. No matter what direction you are heading towards, most people have a pretty rough idea of how they see the near future playing out. But it won’t be easy as you go through major changes in your life. So before life throws you lemons here are a few tips to help you feel less apprehensive when the time comes for you to start that new life.

1. Be open-minded

open mind.jpeg

If you’re going to pursue your studies far from home (in a faraway country perhaps) you will definitely experience some sort of culture shock. It could be due to the food or even in the way people dress, behave or think. So do not fret and try to accept that the world does not revolve around you and your clan. People are just different and it would be in your favour if you keep an open mind to all the new things in life that you have to adapt to.


2. Be bold

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Embrace change by not being afraid of it. Take comfort that you’re not alone. With your peers walking alongside you things will be bearable and under control if you just dare to take risks. See challenges as adventures you’re keen to take on and just enjoy the ride.


3. Be prepared

This may be obvious but if you can at least anticipate the changes that will take place in your student or working life, you’ll be able to tackle them head on and not get yourself in a pickle. But be warned that sometimes our expectations may fail us so even a well-prepared person can be taken by surprise. So if this happens to you go back to tip no. 1 and 2.


4. Be Positive


As humans we easily falter and give in to our emotions so it is important that you remain optimistic during changing times. With positive vibes as your driving force, change may be embraced and tackled with ease. Remember that if things go downhill it can be a sign that better things are on its way so don’t worry too much and try to see the best under the circumstances.


5. Be smart and stay grounded


It is undeniable that changes in our surroundings can also change our personality for better, or for worse. Resist the temptation to do a whole makeover of yourself for it may not be necessary. Stick to your roots and be smart in adapting and adopting to the changes you will face, be it as a student or as you join the rat race out there.


Ultimately we should realize that change is a part of our lives and is inevitable. Dealing with it wisely and with good spirit will take us a long way provided we are willing to embrace it totally. Do you have any advice to deal with changes in our life, especially for the young ones out there? If you do we’d love to hear them.