How to Get Abs Quicker


Christiano Ronaldo, a world-famous football player who has the body of a Greek God. Did you know that on his recent move to Italian football club, Juventus, it was reported that his body fat is only 7%? That’s 3% lesser than an average football player, and definitely way lesser than us common folks. But how does he obtain this unrealistic superhuman body of his? Well, let’s start with the most significant part of a muscular body, the abs.

Abs, or scientifically known as rectus abdominis muscle, is a paired muscle running vertically on each side of the anterior wall of the human abdomen. And to achieve its maximum capacity, there are certain things that you must do to get that dream six-pack. Granted, you probably won’t look like Ronaldo, but here are some tips for you to start.

1.    Cut down on sugar


First up, the smartest tip to get that beautiful-looking abs is to cut down on unnecessary sugar intake. Say bye-bye to cookies, candies, donuts, and save cake for birthdays only. These foods contain refined sugar that will increase your blood sugar level and produces insulin that triggers your liver to store fat around your belly. Sodas are a big, perhaps the biggest, no also. So, opt for plain water or green tea in your next meal.


2.    Less carbohydrates


There are good carbs and there are bad carbs. The good carbs which have high fiber content helps you with your diet, but the bad ones are a problem. Bad carbs which include white bread, pastries, and sugary drinks will lead to excess calories as those carbs actually does nothing for your body.


3.    More protein consumption


Protein is critical in building muscle mass and getting your abs toned. The best option is chicken breast, fish especially fatty ones like tuna, dairy and lean cuts of beef. Also, put an egg on all your dishes if you can as it contains high proteins and amino acids that will burn body fat. If you’re on snacking mode, almonds are the best choice for you to munch on in between your daily meals.


4.    Work on your abdomen


Working out plays a big role on your six-pack building too. Since you’re going for abs, you should go for more abdominal work that can enhance your core like hanging leg raise, push-ups, and chin-ups. Also, going out for a jog is a good way to burn fat and can assist on your workout as it uses every single muscle in the body. So, get your best sporty men’s sneakers and start running.


5.    Focus on planking


Contrary to popular belief, crunches aren’t the best workout for building abs. You should focus on your planks instead. As easy as planking might sound, it is only effective when done properly – by contracting your core as if you’re about to get punch in the stomach. Set a record for yourself for how long you could stay in that position and try to beat it every time you plank.


Follow these simple steps for approximately two months and see your body shape into a Ronaldo-like figure. Okay, maybe not exactly like him, but do tell us your result or if you have other workout routine, feel free to share with us at the comment section below.