How to Get That Hot Racer Babe Look

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If you haven’t realized, a new streetwear trend is emerging in the fashion industry where women are rocking that hot racer babe look everywhere they go. Nope, we are not talking about the usual biker chic look but more towards the race car driver vibe. The swag of racer babe look will definitely make everyone turn heads toward your direction. For the ladies who are looking into pulling off that sexy racer babe outfit but has no idea how, here are the top fashion picks which are necessary to add into your wardrobe.

1.    Leather Jacket


The leather jacket will always be a classic fashion piece that every woman should own. The sleek texture of the leather jacket help adds that powerful statement for a woman to show off their edgy personality. Whether the usual black leather jacket for a simple look or go BIG with the racer sticker leather jacket to get that perfect touch.


2.    Knee High Boots

Knee High boots definitely gives that extravagant fashion statement for a woman to score that swag racer look. The stylish edgy appeal it has brings out that boyish yet posh side of your entire appearance. Pair them with your skinny jeans and strut the streets with confidence.


3    Stripe Rib Trim Bottoms

                                                  TOPSHOP Side Striped Leggings

                                                 TOPSHOP Side Striped Leggings

This striped rib trim pants are becoming a hot selling fashion piece this season with women matching it according to their own style. This piece is actually perfect for you to pull together that racer babe look due to its simple yet funky design. It gives you that sophisticated yet casual persona everytime you walk out the door. Match it with the perfect jacket with a nice sling bag and you are good to go!


4.    Polyester Jacket

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The windbreaker piece not only keeps you warm but the piece also makes you appear in control. The chic casual polyester outerwear absolutely serves as a statement to your plain look. So if you are looking to wear something practical which boosts your image, this is a must-have for you to own.


So are you ready to pull together the best hot racer babe OOTD ever? Share with us what other pieces that can be added to the mix in the comment section below.