How to Run a Marathon in Style


Running a marathon isn’t a simple task to do. You must be prepared mentally, physically, and even emotionally to brave through the average 40+ kilometres on foot. While those preparations are more personal, one thing that we can help you with is your marathon style. You already know the basic sportswear – the usual polyester shirt, breathable shorts, and comfortable running shoes – but those aren’t enough to stand out among the sweaty panting crowd.

What you need is a guide that can help you dress appropriately yet stylishly as if looking like a professional marathon runner when it’s only your first time joining one. The items below are some of the additional things you should wear to a marathon to keep yourself looking fresh even in heavy sweat.

1.    Stylish running shoes


Obviously, comfortable footwear is a must when you want to run in a marathon. But those chunky vibrant shoes aren’t exactly fashion forward. Fortunately, we live in an era where running shoes are evolving into a fashion statement that are worn by people in normal everyday wear. One up your game by rocking an Adidas UltraBoost, a Nike LunarGlide, or a Y-3 Yohji Run and get compliments from your fellow runners.


2.    Protective headwear


When running under the hot sun for hours, it’s important to make sure your head is always protected from its emitted ultraviolet rays. It is medically proven that prolonged exposure to the sun can damage the outside of your hair strands making it dry and brittle. Therefore, a headwear is needed to not only protect your cuticles but to also boost your marathon look.


3.    Cool sunglasses


Speaking of being protected from the sun, another fashion item that is crucial to your health when in a marathon are, of course, a pair of sunglasses. Amateur runners usually ignore running sunglasses due to its unattractive nature but honestly, wearing one makes you look both cool and professional on the track. Find one that is polarised to protect your eyes, lightweight for comfort, and cute enough to sport all day long.


4.    An armband for your phone


Holding your phone when you run is not only inconvenient but also ruins your gait analysis, if you keep track on them (why else would you bring your phone if you’re not?). And putting them in your pocket will only weigh you down. So, strap on an armband instead to store your phone and many other things when running.


With all these items, you are going to look like a seasoned marathon runner in no time. Do you have anymore tips to look cool when running? Share them with us on the comment section below!