#MMAZM: In Conversation With Syaqyryn Syeikh, Winner of Make Me A ZALORA Model Cycle 2

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By Sreya Sanyal from THREAD SG

ZALORA’s regional model-scouting competition MMAZM returns this year for its third iteration!

Open to aspiring models from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia and Philippines, the month-long social media contest in search of the next two fresh faces from the region will unfold on Instagram from Friday, 3rd August 2018.

More information and T&Cs at https://www.zalora.com.my/make-me-a-zalora-model/

We managed to catch up with Syaqyryn Syeikh, winner of MMAZM 2017, where he shared about his hopes, dreams, life post-MMAZM, and future plans.


How would you describe yourself? Could you share a little more about yourself?

I am a shy guy. I’m not perfect but I try to exude confidence. I like to think of myself as a regular white-collared worker; I still can’t believe that I won MMAZM. But when I want something, I will do everything I can to get it.


You also play football. Can you share a little more about it, and how you balance both playing football and your modeling career? What’s your weekly fitness regimen and diet like?

Football has been a huge part of my life ever since I was five years old. When I play the game, I find myself in a different world. My coach knows I work as a model so he always books me early for match and training sessions. This way, I can easily manage my time between modelling, football, my food business (check out @nasilemakibu), and my fitness routine.  

I never really plan my fitness because I exercise whenever I want — my coach is always with me everywhere I go. There’s no rest day for me because fitness is my life! Without it, I feel sluggish.

I typically exercise in the mornings and evenings, even though it takes up an half and a hour of my time. I don’t really diet; I just eat what I want and burn it off the next day. I’m a foodie. And mineral water is my best friend.


What made you decide to enter Make Me A ZALORA Model competition? How has your life changed since winning MMAZM 2017 (what sort of opportunities and growth have you experienced as a model/person)?

Initially, I didn’t want to enter the competition because I felt shy! I sought advice from a friend on whether to try out, and she was the one who believed in me. She took my phone, opened up the camera app, and told me to take a selfie. Imagine my surprise when ZALORA called me the next day! I was so happy because I honestly never thought I would be chosen. 

My life has changed for the better since winning the contest. When I would enter H&M, Zara, Cotton On, people would actually recognise me from the ZALORA app! I’m so grateful for all the love and support. I’ve gained a lot of experience after interacting with people from around the world, and that, to me, is growth. While I do get a substantial amount of offers, I don’t take up all of them as I do not want to come across as greedy. I feel like I should take things one step at a time and really focus on what I really want. 


Share something about the most exciting campaigns you’ve worked on, or a campaign you feel very strongly about. Which countries have you travelled to for work?

I’ve worked for Adidas, Klasse14, Sony Malaysia, and Bernard Chandran, to name a few. I remember the moment when I walked the ramp for Bernard Chandran’s collection, in front of royalty and honourable persons. They loved me and it was such an amazing moment! I can’t express the feeling in words. 

So far, my work has taken me to Indonesia and Singapore — I’m willing to go as far as my career takes me. 

What do you enjoy about your work and are there any challenges you faced along the way?

Everything is a challenge. I don’t think everybody will understand, but nevertheless I am thankful. And I love my work — I’m happy that I’m getting to wear the brands I love! 

How would you describe your style off-duty ? Have you always been interested in fashion modeling?

I don’t really know how to describe it — I love all types of fashion. If you want a more concrete idea, just visit my Instagram profile @syaqyrynsyeikh. 

And who doesn’t love fashion? Everyone has an individual sense of style — they just need to find it the way I did!

What advice would you give to aspiring models looking to participate in Make Me A ZALORA Model? Any tips and tricks on how to take a good selfie, strike a pose, etc?

Don’t hold back — just do it! You never know, you might be the one they’re they looking for. Grab the phone, get your camera, imagine yourself to be Ronaldo and click! 

Besides being a model, what is one thing you would like people know about you?

My loved ones inspire me to keep going and are always there to support me when I’m down. I will keep doing this for them, and myself. There are three F’s in my life: family, friends, and fans.

Launched in 2016, Make Me A ZALORA Model is an opportunity for aspiring models to fast-track their career and break into the modelling scene in Asia.

ZALORA will be using Instagram as the platform for its search to find the next two fresh faces from the region and help them realize their dreams of becoming a professional model!

To join the contest, take a selfie and/or a full-length OOTD and upload your photos on Instagram and hashtag #MMAZMCycle3 and tag @zalora.

More information and full T&Cs at https://www.zalora.com.my/make-me-a-zalora-model/