#MMAZM: In Conversation With Sylvia Suri, Winner of Make Me A Zalora Model Cycle 2


By Sreya Sanyal from THREAD SG

ZALORA’s regional model-scouting competition MMAZM returns this year for its third iteration!

Open to aspiring models from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia and Philippines, the month-long social media contest in search of the next two fresh faces from the region will unfold on Instagram from Friday, 3rd August 2018.

More information and T&Cs at https://www.zalora.com.my/make-me-a-zalora-model/

We managed to catch up with Sylvia Suri, the winner of MMAZM 2017where she shares more about her hopes, dreams, life post-MMAZM and future plans.



How would you describe yourself? Could you share a little more about yourself? 
I am a woman who loves the fast-paced life of the city and sports. I am currently studying International Relations in Jakarta. I am really interested in fashion and music, and shopping helps me feel better when I am unwell or unhappy. I have also enjoyed photoshoots since I was a child.

How do you juggle your academics and your modelling career? What do you plan to do upon graduation?

Once I received a contract I took a semester off to focus on my career. Once I am done, I will focus on my studies and continue modelling after graduation. I want to represent my country on the international stage!

When did you first realize you were interested in modelling? What made you decide to enter Make Me A ZALORA Model competition?

 After I graduated from high school, I join a modelling school for 3 months in Jakarta and that’s when I realized that I was really interested in modelling. Posing in front of the camera and walking the runway is so much fun, and I’ve also made quite a lot of friends in the same line of work. 

When I saw the MMAZM competition for the first time, I doubted myself because I had never done a real job for catalogues or magazines.My sister forced me to enter the competition, so I did! I never thought I would win the competition.


Which countries has your modelling journey taken you to, and what was the most memorable project you’ve taken on? 

I am pretty new at professional modelling. Prior to this, I would just do it as a hobby. Before ZALORA, I worked in Jakarta for runway, makeup and photoshoots. I’ve also worked in Malaysia. ZALORA is by far the most memorable project I’ve done, because I’ve made good friends with other contestants and I feel like I have a new family. Everyone is really friendly.

What do you enjoy about your work and are there any challenges you faced along the way?

I really enjoy my work! I never skip my job even if I am not keeping well. The only challenges I’ve faced is that of confidence and self-assurance, because sometimes I get rather self-conscious and worry that I’m not good enough in front of the camera, and that makes me want to learn and practice more.

How has your life changed since winning MMAZM 2017? 

After winning MMAZM 2017, I got a contract with an agency in Singapore. All of my family and friends are very proud with me and I have also grown more confident in front of the camera. Because my priority is completing my studies and graduating, I am not growing myself in modeling as much for now. 


Besides being a model, what else should people know about you?

I was a basketball player in high-school and am in my university’s basketball club as well!

What are your skincare and fitness secrets, especially with your hectic schedule? 

I use moisturizer, toner, serum and sunscreen when I go out. I workout 3–4 days a week and I follow a lot of YouTube videos for guidance. 

What advice would you give to aspiring models looking to participate in Make Me A ZALORA Model? 

Anything could happen even if you’re a newbie, so don’t tell yourself that you’re not good enough. The only thing you should do is practice a lot, embrace yourself for who you are, and be confident! It also helps to wear the outfit that best represents you.

Launched in 2016, Make Me A ZALORA Model is an opportunity for aspiring models to fast-track their career and break into the modelling scene in Asia. 
ZALORA will be using Instagram as the platform for its search to find the next two fresh faces from the region and help them realize their dreams of becoming a professional model!
To join the contest, take a selfie and/or a full-length OOTD and upload your photos on Instagram and hashtag #MMAZMCycle3 and tag @zalora.

 More information and full T&Cs at https://www.zalora.com.my/make-me-a-zalora-model/