Most Peaceful Countries to Grow Old


Imagine living in a world with zero violence, theft, and crime; just peaceful sounds and friendly smiles wherever you go. Wouldn’t that be perfect? Unfortunately, there are still some places that suffer from violent unresolved conflicts especially in the Middle Eastern side of the hemisphere. However, researchers at the Institute of Economics & Peace say that there is still some form of peace on planet Earth as they came up with a list of the most peaceful countries in the world called the Global Peace Index (GPI).

This data is gathered according to a country’s societal safety and security, extent of ongoing domestic and international conflict, and degree of militarisation of 163 independent states around the world. Here, we will list down five of the most peaceful countries perfect for you to leave a calm life.

1.    Iceland


Iceland continues to top the GPI list as most peaceful country for seven years straight with a score of 1.096 (out of 5). Staying out of major world conflicts, Iceland seldom appear negatively on international headlines which leads to its harmonious status. Iceland is famous for its natural icy beauty and cultural attractions that traces back to its Viking origins where their male population look like giants with a careful men skincare routine and their women being strong, beautiful, and independent as proven by Katrín Jakobsdóttir, the country’s second female Prime Minister.


2.    New Zealand


New Zealand comes in second place and has always remain in the top five since this ranking was first created. It being one of the most unpolluted countries in the world, the land of Kiwis is known for its breath-taking sceneries in Fiordland with green mountains and cool glaciers all over. New Zealand is also home to Hobbiton, a movie set built based on the fictional world of the “Lord of the Rings” movies where tourists can visit.


3.    Austria


As history tells it, Austria is part of both World Wars that resulted in massive fatalities. However, they took it as a lesson and rebuilt itself from scratch to embrace a place of peace and serenity. That is evident in its relationship with neighbouring countries, agreeing to a new form of cooperation with one another. Austria characterises itself by the detailed European design in their architecture as seen on both Hofburg and Schönbrunn Palaces in Vienna which are the country’s most important monuments.


4.    Portugal


Portugal is the biggest jumper on the GPI list having rank at 11 in 2015 to being in the top five in the subsequent years. No surprise though as the country ranks above other developed nations in terms of housing, environmental quality, security, and work-life balance which all lead to it being a favourite choice among expatriates. Portugal also prides itself for being one of the most affordable holiday destinations in the European continent with many attractions to go to.


5.    Denmark


It is no wonder that Danes are the happiest people in the world. The country offers so much benefits that other countries envy upon such as low levels of criminal activities, a steady political stability, freedom of press, equal level of income, and respect for human rights. These aspects earned Denmark a spot on the GPI list and has not falter from its harmonious status since. Its capital, Copenhagen, is where you’ll the famous Nyhavn harbour, Tivoli Gardens, and the iconic Little Mermaid Statue in Langelinie.


These countries mentioned sure sounds like a nice place to grow old in. Have you been to any? Tell us your experience in the comments below!