OOTD Looks to Show the Independence Day Spirit

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Happy Independence Day Malaysia! Today is a public holiday in the country and as it is close to the weekends, some of you might have already have things planned. Whether you are attending the Independence Day march or going to an Independence Day themed party, why not you show the patriotic spirit by incorporating the colours of the Malaysia flag which are red, white, blue and yellow into your outfits for the entire day? If you have no idea how to pull off the perfect 1957 Malaysia Independence Day modern OOTD look, check out our fashion ideas down below.

1.      Own the Stripes!

If you want your patriotic spirit to be recognized at an instant, donning the red and white stripes is the perfect choice. You can find a red white striped dress; skirt or even a top and this will make you partially appear like that Malaysian flag.


2.     Bold Pairings

If you are not into patterns, fret not as you can represent the colours of the Malaysia flag by pulling off a daring plain but bold OOTD look. You can blend white and red or red with yellow, for example, and strut the streets looking amazing yet patriotic effortlessly.


3.     Inject The Blue & Yellow

Although the red colour of the Malaysia flag can be quite striking, you can always inject the blue and yellow colour of the flag into your outfit. Simply combine the colours into your ensemble in your own creative ways and be confident showing it off celebrating Merdeka.


4.     Show it in your accessories

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For those who want to step up their fashion game and be extra creative, you can show that spirit in your OOTD by representing through your shoes and even bags! This will definitely bring a bold statement to your look in the slightest way possible. If you want to become more daring in your patriotic outfit choice, you can always wear two different coloured shoes.


So what would your Independence Day outfit look like? Describe down below.