Sometime by Asian Designers and Neelofa Debut Exclusively on ZALORA


-  The homegrown bag and accessories brand collaborates with Malaysian fashion icon and entrepreneur for the first time to design her dream bag. 

- The Lofarbag will be made available on popular e-commerce platform, Zalora Malaysia. 


Kuala Lumpur, 27 August 2018 – The fashion scene is about to be hit with another style wave as renowned designer bag expert, Sometime by Asian Designers (Sometime) collaborates with one of Malaysia’s most prominent fashion icon and entrepreneur, Neelofa. Rewarding bag lovers and especially followers of both household names, the Lofarbag collection will be available exclusively on Southeast Asia’s fastest growing fashion focused e-retailer, Zalora.

Mirroring the success of Neelofa, the birth of the Lofarbag celebrates three key characteristics strongly reflected in the icon herself, and women all around the world – Confidence, Graceful and Fun!

In this collaboration and collection debut, combining creativity and design was not an easy catwalk. According to Nicole W., Sometime’s Head of Product, “Neelofa is a remarkable fashion influence worldwide. It was important to create a bag that represents her true identity and significantly inspire her followers, in particular, as well as women in general”.

“As a fashion ambassador and entrepreneur, I find that we are easily swept by current trends and fashion. I, myself, have a myriad of looks to suit the occasion and I sit back each time to see what works with my true personality before donning an outfit or accessory,” quipped Neelofa.

That is when the journey with Sometime proved to be exciting with a collection that captures the many facets of Neelofa’s life. Each characteristic is cleverly expressed with a burst of colours for Fun, Graceful pastels and darker shades for Confidence.


Bag collectors who appreciate simple beauty of well-designed handbags will also find that the Lofarbag’s aesthetics are kept blissfully simple with top-notch craftmanship. It also houses fine details that only the owner of the bag knows!

Drawing on Neelofa’s diverse background and responsibilities, the bag is designed to be neat and practical. The large silhouette which comes with a sling is a perfect day-time companion for every multi-tasking contemporary woman who needs to look professional in the day and stylish by night.

With a generously spacious compartment and three pockets for accessories, this chicly structured square bag can fit most essentials for a hectic day and comes crafted with one of the most beautiful aspects.


It is luxuriously detailed with gold geometric finishing on each side of the bag where the finest craftsmen from luxury brands were commissioned to fabricate them to bear the brands’ subtly with class.

Staying true to the core and vision of Sometime creating quality bags, the Lofarbag is also made from vegan leather. A proprietary of Sometime where premium synthetic leather and microfibre is used to maximise the natural textures of leather, with a smooth touch that comes with a tactile functionality but not the weight.

The collaboration between Sometime and Neelofa proved fruitful as Nicole W. continued, “we found it challenging in a good way especially the beginning, whereby we needed to conceptualise the bags. Neelofa’s fans would know her style is very versatile but at the same time, displays elegance and luxury in a non-opulent way. The euphoria struck us when the idea to create a timeless piece quickly manifested from her personality. I am a believer that the Lofarbag will capture the hearts of our customers, Neelofa’s followers and bag lovers”.


Neelofa pointed out, “I am pleased with the final product. Sometime expertly weaved in the appreciation of beauty, value of craftsmanship and materials, coupled with my direction. This successful working relation also showcases one thing, that talents transcend borders. Malaysian brands are emerging and proven successful time and time again because wherever we may be, our passion, creativity and hard work will pay off into something beautiful!”

Bringing the simple beauty design to life, one would find the nine timeless tones such as Black, Maroon, Navy, Dark Brown, Orange, Red, Baby Blue, Nude and Mocha incredibly easy to wear.

“What better way to release this collection than to have it accessible by our followers on Zalora? While this is not our first partnership with the top platform in Southeast Asia, every opportunity to collaborate redefines success due to the massive following on the platform itself. This is one of the fastest way for women to cart home a bag by just clicking,” explained Nicole W.

As the saying goes, a smart and successful woman has the freedom of choice and a limited-edition designer bag but at the same time, not break the bank! Priced at RM259, bag lovers who appreciates the minimalism aesthetics should look forward to adding this stylish piece to their wardrobe.

Stay tuned for the sneak preview at and Instagram @sometime_byasiandesigners, @neelofa and @zaloramy. The exclusive official product launch to market is at 11:00am on 29th August 2018 at  and