Things That Only '90s Kids Can Relate to


Remember in the ‘90s where people would be listening to grunge music on tape using Walkmans? And almost all women have Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel haircut dressed in a slip dress or a spaghetti strap top while men wear flannels with their Alien Workshop wallet chained to their jeans? Those were the times. Much simpler times, to be honest, with minimal political correction issues and more unity among different races and religions; the '90s was a good decade to be alive.

It’s always nice to reflect on the crazy and wacky trends of the years gone by, and the ‘90s certainly had some pretty ridiculous stuff going on. Reminiscing to those years, people who lived through the ‘90s will surely appreciate the things on this list and I can guarantee some of these will make you miss the times when life was a lot simpler.

1.    VHS tapes


A Video Home System, or VHS for short, is a standard videocassette recording where people at that time record an episode of their favourite TV show (say Friends?) or rent it from the store to watch a movie. These were our DVDs back in the days.


2.    Floppy disks


Before there was the USB drive, we had floppy disks where we would store documents or any kinds of file from the computer. A floppy disk only has a capacity of 1.44MB. Imagine how many disks we had to use to store a 1GB file.


3.     Walkman


A Walkman is a portable audio player the size of a brick where we would listen to some of our favourite hits like Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way”, TLC’s “No Scrubs”, Boyz II Men “I’ll Make Love to You”, and other ‘90s songs.


4.    Classic cartoon shows

The ‘90s brought an explosion of creativity in animation and the ones shown in the morning are especially exceptional that stood the test of time. “The Powerpuff Girls”, “Recess”, “Batman: The Animated Series”, and “Daria” are some of the cartoons that still hold up to this day.


5.    Dial-up internet access

When the internet was first introduced, we had to use dial-up to access it which takes minutes, maybe even hours, just to get connected. But what makes it memorable is that annoying sound it makes when dialling up.


6.    Rise of grunge music

Music plays a huge role in the ‘90s. Although teen pop music dominated the Billboard charts, it was the genre of grunge that impacted the music industry. Nirvana was the main reference to grunge music, but bands like Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, and Stone Temple Pilots also contributed to the rise of this edgy-sounding music.


7.    Denim overalls


The ‘90s had some pretty outrageous moments in the world of fashion. From men’s sportswear taking over the hip-hop scene to people rocking the flare jeans; none, however, beats the trend of denim overalls. The fashion piece was a must-have and is seen worn by everybody, even and especially A-list celebrities as seen on Will Smith in “Fresh Prince of Bel-air”.


Did that take you back to the ‘90s? What other things that remind you of the sweet ‘90s? Comment your answers down below!