Tips on Improving Your Beauty Sleep


Getting enough hours of sleep is not only good for you to start a new day (as you will be well rested), but it will do wonders for your skin and hair. It is important to adopt some good habits before going to bed each night to achieve good quality of beauty sleep. So, let's try some of the tips below.


The 'before sleep' routines

  1. Wash your face. Make sure you go to bed with a clean face. You don't want any make up residue to clog your pores and cause skin breakout.
  2. Moisturize. Apply night moisturizer or your nightly beauty serum so that your skin can rejuvenate and repair while you are sleeping.
  3. Stay away from work stuff and stop checking your phone at least an hour before bed. This is the phase to signal your mind that you are ready to unwind and rest.


Turn your room into a sleep cave

  1. Try to designate your bedroom as a place for sleeping only and not for doing your work.
  2. Choose the right pillowcase (and bed sheet) like satin or silk as the texture as these two causes less friction to your skin and your hair. So, it helps prevent wrinkles or fine lines plus avoiding you from waking up with tangles and hair breakage.
  3.  It is advisable to often change your pillowcases. This is to avoid bacteria, accumulated dirt and oil from damaging your skin.
  4. When it comes to bed time, make your room as dark as possible. If you are not a fan of dark spaces, use minimal light in the room. You do not want to disturb the production of melatonin and serotonin process.
  5. Set your room to an ideal temperature, not too cold and not too hot.
  6. Create a quiet and calm surrounding. Use aromatherapy or essential oil to pamper you to sleep.

Block as much noise as possible. You may resort to soothing background noises such as the ocean or the forest to help you sleep better.


While you are sleeping

  1. Sleep on your back. This way you can minimize contact between your face and the pillowcase. Furthermore, repeated pressure on one side of skin will cause you to have more wrinkles on that particular side compared to the other.
  2. If you have long hair, wear your hair up (loose ponytail or bun) to keep it away from your face and messes with your complexion.
  3. Sleep on your bed, not on the couch or floor. You need to be comfortable to ensure you get sufficient amount of rest.

     4. Consume salty food before bedtime. Stay away from salty food around bedtime as it will dehydrate you. 

    5. Overeating. Avoid overeating or you will be facing with indigestion issue that keeps you awake all night.

   6. Watch TV, looking at your phones and tablets right before bed. The blue light emitted by televisions and electronic screens will disrupt the production of melatonin hence interferes with sleep. 

  7. Doing your work on bed.


You are actually hindering yourself to relax and ended up sleeping with worries or anxious feeling about your unsettled task.


Remember, your skin is renewing itself while you sleep. So, aim for seven or eight hours of quality beauty sleep and wake up every morning with a younger and healthier you. Do you have any additional tips to be shared? Kindly leave your comment below.