5 Gender-Neutral Hollister Shirts for Fuss-Free Outfits


Hollister offers basic fashion necessities for people of all gender. Without these gender-neutral items, your wardrobe won’t be whole and you’re guaranteed to have a pretty hard time getting dressed every morning. These basic, gender-neutral Hollister shirts include the plain white tees, plaid button-ups or flannels, striped shirts, camo or army green shirts, and floral tops.

Plain White Tees


No, we’re not talking about the band who got famous for their ode to Delilah. We’re talking about the literal plain white tees, an essential item that everyone, regardless of their gender, should have. The plain white tee can be paired so easily and will go well with literally anything. It’s great with denim short, khaki trousers, miniskirts, cargo pants, under a bomber jacket, with a leather jacket, and so much more; the styling options are endless.

Plaid Button-Ups


Plaids or flannels are an important staple in everyone’s wardrobe, no matter what gender they identify as. The modern man would don the flannel with a white tee underneath (see how integral the plain white tees are?), skinny jeans, and boots for that rugged lumberjack look. For a more feminine approach, match the plaid button-ups with a pair of denim shorts, a plain white V-neck tee, and ankle boots. You can also opt to tie the flannel around your waist if it gets a little warm outside.

Striped Shirts


Embody a chic sailor with striped shirts, one of the easiest clothing pieces to style next to the plain white tees. Striped shirts from Hollister comes in a variety of colors, so even if you wear striped shirts for every single day, you can mix and match your Hollister outfits with the different colors. They are also appropriate for office/school wear and smart casual settings.

Camo Shirts


Camos and army green are on the rise and Hollister can help you jump on the bandwagon with their camo shirts. People who say that camos are only for men are clearly in the wrong because women can rock this masculine fashion item just as well (and maybe even better). Camo goes great with khaki as well as denim but make sure you choose the right shade of army green that can easily be paired up with the other items you already have in your closet.

Floral and Tropical Tops


Thanks to Coachella, florals and tropical patterns are in and they’re not going anywhere. Since Malaysia faces hot weather throughout the year, we can easily wear these summer-themed tops anytime we want. If you’re looking for a gender-neutral floral or tropical-patterned top, invest in one that has a neutral silhouette and design and luckily for you, Hollister has a bunch of those.

There’s nothing wrong with being basic and these basic Hollister shirts prove so. In fact, they will make dressing up every morning so much faster and easier. Do yourself a favor and check out Hollister’s shirts and other clothing items to really complete your wardrobe.

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