7 French-Girl Summer Must-Haves

Photo:    @jeannedamas

By Joyce Chua from THREAD SG

As you can tell, we obviously have a thing for French-girl style. Aside from investigating their beauty habits to wellness secrets, we’ve also been researching how they achieve their je ne sais quoi.

This time, we’re zeroing in on their summer wardrobes.

French It girls like Jeanne Damas and Sabina Socol rely on these basic rules:

1. Keep your palette neutral

French girls don’t follow fads, and the last thing you’ll see is them in a gaudy neon colour. Stick to understated shades like navy, white, black, the occasional red, and earthy ones like tan.

2. Go for season-less prints.

Prints can look dated a few months or seasons later. Avoid this by wearing classic prints like polka dots, regular florals, or stripes, which will always be in style.

3. Think: WWJBW (What Would Jane Birkin Wear?)

With her impeccable sense of style, she’s a timeless source of inspiration for French girls.

And now, here are the summer wardrobe items of French It Girls:

Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Photo:    @jeannedamas

A pair of cat-eye sunglasses makes any outfit pop. Paired with a woven hat, it is a simple way to take French-girl style to the beach. For a vintage look, match a pair of retro white sunnies with a timeless statement blouse, or with high-waist jeans and a white tee.

Summer Dress

Photo:    @adenorah

Photo: @adenorah

A summer dress with a bold print doesn’t require much else. The French way is to pair it with a red lip and a bucket bag, or with simple hoop earrings. To bring a contemporary touch to your outfit, throw on a pair of white sneakers.

Straw Bag

Add a woven bag can be taken everywhere, from the streets to the beach. Team yours with slim-fitting jeans and a cute blouse to make a subtle fashion statement.

Straight-Leg Jeans

To spruce up a basic look, find a vintage tee to pair with high-waist jeans. For a minimalist look, tuck in a solid-toned shirt and sleek footwear like brogues. You can wear your jeans as is or roll it at the ankles.


Photo:    @dennielias

French girls are going for vintage styles this season, especially with their swimwear. A classic one-piece is always flattering and sophisticated, perfect for minimalists, while retro styles match well with cat-eye sunglasses.

Mini Skirt

Photo:    @adenorah

Photo: @adenorah

Tuck a well-fitting t-shirt or blouse into a high-waist mini skirt to flaunt your figure, and don’t shy away from skirts that lend a pop of colour. Pair it with comfy sandals for a casual, summer-ready look. Or, go for a classic denim skirt, breezy top, and a pair of mules.


Photo:    @jeannedamas

Espadrilles are made for summer travel. Pair yours with a breezy camisole or dress when exploring a new city. Ankle-tie espadrilles look feminine with a printed midi dress, while neutral wedges are incredibly versatile.

What are some of your summer staples? Are you a fan of French-girl style? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below!