7 Ways to Wear A Wrap Top


By Patricia Ong from THREAD PH

Wrap up the season with the piece that’s been cropping up everywhere

The classic wrap top is back with a vengeance. It’s pretty understandable since it has everything we adore — a fold-over silhouette, appealing tie straps, a well-placed crop cut, and a high level of versatility. Not to mention it’s incredible comfortable, always flattering, and effortlessly stylish. Wrapped with perfection, we’ll tell you how to style this latest trend in every way possible!

1. Basic: White Skirt

Just like the wrap top, skorts are very versatile. No longer associated with just tennis, these 90s revival bottoms will hit you with a wave of nostalgia. To get a chic minimal look, simply wear a black wrap top with a white skort. This is also the perfect formula for a business casual outfit (office dress code permitting, of course).

2. Basic: Skinny Jeans

You can’t go wrong with jeans because they’ll never go out of style. For a breezy street casual look, try on a wrap top with some slightly ripped skinny jeans.

3. Intermediate: Leather Skirt

If you’re feeling a bit daring and are up for a sexier, darker look, pair your wrap top with a leather skirt. This will add some edginess to your ensemble. A deep V-neck top is perfect for a low-key girl’s night out look.

4. Intermediate: Wide Leg Cropped Jeans

For those who want to show off their bold persona, try on a knotted wrap top and pair it with blue wide leg cropped jeans. This will keep the casual and playful feel — not to mention, it’s very easy to pull off.

5. Advanced: Shirt Dress

If you want a mix of sexy and boho, try on a black wrap dress and pair it with some neutral strappy sandals. For more of a hippie vibe, feel free to add a choker too.

6. Advanced: Knee Length Skirt

Pull off an outfit with a sexy retro spin on it. A perfect desk-to-dinner look, wear a wrap top with a knee-length skirt. This kind of skirt is a great way to show off your figure and pairing it with a wrap top will just emphasize it more.

7. Quick Fix: Co-ords and Onesies

If you’re not feeling risky with styling separates, you can play it safe with co-ords, dresses, and pantsuits.

If you don’t know what a co-ord is, then you’ve definitely been hiding under a rock. Shorthand for a co-ordinated look, it’s a matching two-piece ensemble. How can it not match if it’s a set, right? Wearing co-ords is a good way to introduce prints and colors without long-term commitment to a head-to-toe look.

Know any other ways to style a wrap top? Tell us how you do it in the comments section below, or better yet, show us! Upload your OOTD to Instagram and tag #ZALORAStyleEdit.