AROUND THE WORLD: Travel Destinations for the ENFP


By Joyce Chua from THREAD SG

Not sure where to go next? Your Myers-Briggs personality might give you a clue.

Each of the sixteen personality types is purported to behave in ways true to their temperament, and this influences their travel personality too. In this series, we dedicate a feature to each personality type. Whether you’re an INFJ or an ESTP, find out the best destinations for you here.

For an ENFP, the best cure for ennui is travel. Being in new environments, experiencing new things, and befriending strangers are basically what you live for.

The downside to being an ENFP is that you’re also extremely fickle-minded, particularly about where to travel because you want to go everywhere!

The ENFP Traveller

Warm, enthusiastic and spontaneous, your itinerary is usually packed but flexible as you would rather improvise and go with the flow (and your mood for the day) than plan everything ahead.

ENFPs are always looking for excitement and inspiration. As far as holidays go, you’re likely to pick a weekend and take off right away. And when you travel, you want to experience everything — soak in the local culture, make friends with the locals — and you are always open for new adventures along the way.

Ideal Destinations for the ENFP

So, the best destinations for this Myers-Briggs personality can range from the Inca Valley in Peru to the Grand Canyon, the streets of Vietnam to that of Morocco. And since ENFPs thrive on energy and excitement, places like Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, will have get your heart pumping too. There, you can hit a few beaches and national parks like Jardim Botânico, or soak in the lights and sounds of Lapa neighbourhood, which comes alive at night.

Accomodations-wise, you’re able to adapt and mingle well in hostels, bed-and-breakfast inns, or boutique hotels that allow you to enjoy the most authentic local experience.