AROUND THE WORLD: Travel Destinations for the ESFJ


By Joyce Chua from THREAD SG

Each of the sixteen personality types is purported to behave in ways true to their temperament, and this influences their travel personality too. In this series, we dedicate a feature to each personality type. Whether you’re an INFJ or an ESTP, find out the best destinations for you here.

As good listeners and chatty conversationalists, the ESFJ is unsurprisingly one of the more popular Myers-Briggs personalities. They make friends everywhere they go because they are warm-hearted and cooperative, and are loyal to those they are close to, often offering their help and support. ESFJs love to socialise and enjoy the finer things in life as external sensory stimuli excites them.

As SJ types who rely on sensing and judging, they tend to seek out the most rational approach in any given situation. They also have a deeper side that makes them culturally curious, so they can be drawn to museums, galleries, and even historical sites.

Still, their extroversion makes them team-players who love company. Solo trips therefore don’t appeal to them, but any vacation works as long as they have travel companions.

The ESFJ Traveller

On their travels, ESFJs enjoy a wide variety of activities but will probably be happiest when enjoying a few drinks with friends after an eventful day of shopping and sightseeing. So a vacation full of group activities such as wine tastings, hiking, shopping sprees, or comedy shows is the best way to fulfill their need for socialising.



With their outgoing nature and infectious personality, ESFJs are the life of every party. This walking ball of energy will love South Korea’s ever-happening scene that promises a great time with its constant stimuli of sights and sounds, shopping scene, and local culture.



ESFJs love to see happy people, harmony, and enjoy lively places. Taiwan’s bustling streets and hospitable locals will have their heart.