AROUND THE WORLD: Travel Destinations for the INFP


By Joyce Chua from THREAD SG

The Creative Seeker craves connection with the world.

Not sure where to go next? Perhaps your Myers-Briggs personality might give you a clue.

Each of the sixteen personality types is purported to behave in ways true to their temperament, and this influences their travel personality too. In this series, we dedicate a feature to each personality type. Whether you’re an INFJ or an ESTP, find out the best destinations for you here.

The INFP Traveller

INFPs may appear quiet and chill, but there’s actually a lot is going on inside them. These creative, reflective, and reserved folks are heavily guided by their passion and express themselves best through writing. It is said that J.R.R. Tolkien himself was an INFP.

So when INFP travels (perhaps solo), they are more likely to enjoy wandering around new locales, taking their time to observe their surroundings, immersing themselves in the local culture and diving into local history. They enjoy solitude and like to spend time on their own to recharge and process their thoughts.

Ideal Destinations for the INFP

INFPs love places with rich culture and history where they can learn about the world and their place in it. Shopping may not be a priority — they would rather visit a museum or historical site than an outlet store — but novelty shops or local craft stores will still fascinate them.


Hence, places like Venice, Austria, Barcelona, Prague, Morocco, or Egypt will enchant them. These are places they can get wonderfully lost (in the case of Venice, quite literally) in the fascinating local history and culture.