Beauty 101] How to Achieve the Perfect Mermaid Hair

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If you missed the memo, the population are in awe with not only unicorns but also mermaids. Yes, mermaids! Your mind is probably flashing to the image of the beautiful Disney character, Princess Ariel with her amazing wavy red locks and wonder how you can pull the perfect mermaid hair look in reality. Well, nothing is impossible as we have some beauty tips on how you can achieve your mermaid hair goals down below.

1.    Spark a colour


 If you already love your natural hair colour, it is awesome. However just in case you want to feel extra and resemble a mermaid; you can always give a spark of colour to your hair. You can go to the saloon and have your hair highlighted or fully coloured in subtle pink tints, blue or any shade you love.


2.    Ocean wavy

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For the ladies who have long hair, take the advantage to look like Princess Ariel by pulling off the perfect ocean waves, Curl your hair from the half part to the end and once done, spray it for that extra hold and run your fingers through to gently loosen it.


3.    Fishtail braids

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If you would prefer to turn it up a notch with a new hairstyle, fishtail braids are the perfect way to go. Whether you have shoulder length or long hair, fishtail brads will suit you.


4.    Play with hair accessories

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Give your mermaid hairstyle an extra appeal by playing with some hair accessories from flowers, clips and even ribbons. Hair accessories will definitely bring the element of soft sexy feminine vibe to your entire look.



So what is your idea of the perfect mermaid hair goal? Leave your ideas down in the comment section below.