[Beauty 101] How to Keep Your Nails Long & Strong

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Have you ever wondered that your nails are one of the many things a person sees whenever you meet them other than your face? It does not matter whether you have a round or square shaped nails, it is important to keep them clean and healthy enough so that you can style them in any way you like. However if you have no idea how you can obtain healthy strong and long nails, take a look down below.

1.    Moisturized


Moisturizing your hands including your nails will keep your nails flexible and less likely to break. Hence, always make sure to keep a small moisturizer in your bag so you could use it throughout the day. Plus, moisturizing our hands keeps them stay soft and supple as well.


2.    Strengthening Nail Polish

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The strengthening nail polish can definitely do miracles to your nails in term of its   growth. Simply apply it as a base coat before your start applying any nail polish colour on.


3.    Use Oil for the Cuticles

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Do not forget to sustain the health of your nails by applying oil on your cuticles. Use almond oil or olive oil on your cuticles once a week to keep it extra moisturized and decreases the chances of splitting. If you do not have almond oil or olive oil in your home, you could always make use of Vaseline.  


4.    File Your Nails

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Have you noticed that some women carry file nail sticks in their handbags? Well do not feel weird by it as you definitely need to file your own nails every now and then. The reason is that you will be able to quickly fix any small splits and peeling nails before the nails break.  


However, the most important thing is to let your nails breath once a week by removing your nail polish. So what are your nail care tips? Feel free to share it down below.