[Beauty 101] The Five Steps to Perfect Flawless Skin


It is everyone’s dream to achieve that perfect flawless skin without having to cover the imperfections of your face with makeup. But what people don’t realize that it needs commitment in your daily beauty routine to see the flawless skin results. As we are always exposed to the humid weather, dirt, sweat and oil, it is important to up keep the health of your face than just cleansing it once or twice a day with your facial cleanser at home. Here are the correct skincare routine steps that you should adhere to in order to achieve perfect flawless skin.

1.     Steam your face


No, you do not need to go to the spa to do some facial steaming as it can also be done at home too. Simply pour hot boiling water into a large bowl and steam your face on the hit and cover your head with a large tower during the whole process. Stay in that position for at least five minutes as steaming your face will help open out your pores driving blackheads out in a natural way and loosen the skin.


2.     Cleanse

The next step is to use your preferred facial cleanser and wash your face thoroughly. Do it in a circular motion and rinse off with lukewarm water. Once that is done, pat dry your face with a clean towel instead of rubbing your face with it.


3.     Tone it all

It cannot be denied that a majority of us will normally look down on the importance of facial toners. Facial toners help to remove any extra excess dirt and oil from the face after cleansing it. This helps with oily skin individuals or even with people who have plugged pores which helps to prevent acne.


4.     The Power of Essence

As we live in a hot weather climate, switch your moisturizers with facial essence instead. Facial essences are more lightweight on your skin and the concentrated formula specifically targets wrinkles, fine lines as well as dull uneven skin tone. It helps to keep your face moisturized until you wake up the next day. Of course you can add your own moisturizer or mask after.


5.     Exfoliate


It is recommended to exfoliate your skin once a week as it helps remove dead skin cells accumulated on the top layer of your face and improves blood circulation too. This step is normally done after you have washed your face with a cleanser.


So what is your idea of the perfect skincare routine to achieve that flawless natural skin glow? Leave your ideas down in the comment box below.