BEAUTY QUICKIE: Losing Your Glow? Here’s How to Get It Back


By Joyce Chua from THREAD SG

Who doesn’t want healthy, radiant skin? However, it’s not always easy to keep our glow. Many of us have to contend with a lacklustre complexion — whether it has developed over time or always been around.

The truth is, there are various factors that contribute to dull skin. The good news is, they can be rectified. So if you’re trying to get your glow back, here’s how:

Drink Plenty of Water


We’ve all heard this one before, and bears repeating. If you’re not keeping up with your H2O intake, that’s going to show through your skin. Focus on getting the recommended eight to 12 glasses of water each day, not only when you find your skin losing its natural radiance.


Catch Enough Z’s


Insufficient shut-eye time is another major cause of dull-looking skin. When your body is tired, your skin receives lesser proper blood flow and/or oxygen it needs. This results in inflammation, dark circles and skin that looks as tired as you feel.


Take Time to Exfoliate

This is one step you should definitely not skip. Exfoliating gives you a more vibrant complexion by sloughing away dead skin cells, thus revealing fresh, healthy-looking skin.


Consider Climatic Factors

The biggest and most nefarious perpetrators of dull skin are environmental aggressors like pollution, UV rays, smog, etc. And there’s only so much we can do to protect our skin from them. These aggressors encourage oxidation and break down collagen, which both cause skin to lose its glow. So it’s crucial to keep up with your skincare routine. On top of that, wear SPF daily and incorporate skin-nourishing vitamin C into your diet.


Chill Out


Stress, apart from having negative internal impact on us, can also make its way to the surface. The tension in your skin can impede blood flow that transports oxygen to your skin. To ease the tension, try applying a cooling compress to your face or give yourself a quick but effective massage, paying special attention to your temples, jaw line, and orbital bone.


Don’t Skimp on the Moisturiser

Aside from the hydration it gets from your daily eight to 12 glasses of water, your skin also needs some extra moisture. So remember to apply moisturiser, at least once a day, twice for that coveted glow.


What are some other ways you retain your glow? Share your skincare tips in the comments below!