Best Scuba Diving Destinations Around The World


The vast blue ocean, which covers 71% of our planet’s surface, is a mysterious and terrifying place. Researches say that we’ve only explored 20% of it, leaving the remaining percentage undiscovered and unknown to us humans. While marine scientists and brave explorers continue their quest to learn more about the deep blue sea, us commoners are lucky enough to go scuba diving safely and see the strange but fascinating underwater world.

There are many places that qualify as a must-go for avid scuba divers. While a lot of them require the right amount of skill and courage, there are many other diving spots that are friendly for casual divers. So, pack your bags, bring your flippers, and put on your goggles; we’re going on a trip to the best scuba diving places in the world!

1.    SS Yongala, Australia


The SS Yongala is a shipwreck off the coast of Queensland, Australia which lies 33 meters deep and is considered one of the largest shipwrecks that is still intact to this day. The Yongala sank during a cyclone in 1911 which was later found 47 years and then turned into a recreational diving site for experienced divers. Entry to the ship is strictly forbidden but surrounding it are beautiful sea animals like manta rays, bull sharks, and tiger sharks that live around the area.


2.    Great Blue Hole, Belize

The Great Blue Hole in Belize is a giant underwater sinkhole just near the centre of Lighthouse Reef. This beautiful phenomenon is not much for seeking sea creatures, but to experience the natural beauty of the site itself. The hole is 125m deep surrounded by vibrant colour reef and mostly inhabits mako sharks.


3.    SS Thistlegorm, Egypt


The other shipwreck on this list is in the middle of the Red Sea called the SS Thistlegorm. It sunk in 1941 due to a bomb by two German bombers during World War II. The site is mostly popular for its night dive as some claims to see giant moray eels swimming about the area.


4.    Kailua-Kona, Hawaii


There is only one reason to dive in Kailua-Kona: the manta ray night dive. Underwater lights are placed on the ocean floor to attract millions of planktons which in turn attract the manta rays to feed on. The mantas there are huge, which you might have to dodge when they’re busy minding their own business feeding on planktons.


5.    Barracuda Point, Malaysia


The Barracuda Point in Sipadan Island, Malaysia is one of the most beautiful dive sites you can go to. There, you will see a shoal of barracudas swimming in a tornado-like formation. Not only that, the place is home to sea turtles, whitetip sharks, jacks, and the odd-looking batfish, which are sure to mesmerise you during your dive.



Have you been to these places mentioned? Where would you say is the most beautiful place to dive be? Leave a comment down below!