Early Signs of A Rocky Relationship


Relationships are beautiful. You get to be and do things with someone you love making it more enjoyable than being alone. However, being in a relationship is not always all sunshine and rainbows. It may seem fine and dandy at the start but as time goes on, you might find certain red flags that could lead to a fight or worse, a breakup.

Although it is unhealthy to look for warning signs in a relationship, sometimes things get too obvious enough that it can’t be ignored. Here are some early signs that shows you are probably in a relationship that is not meant to last.

1.    No longer trying to impress each other



When you have been with your partner for a long time, it sometimes can feel too comfortable, as if you don’t have to do anything more for him/her since you already got them by your side. You ignore your sense of fashion and underdress on a date, you don’t compliment each other as much, you rarely give surprises on special occasions; these are the kind of mindset that you should get rid of and treat your special someone as if you’re still trying to win that person’s heart.


2.    Arguing about the same thing


The both of you often argue about the same thing over and over again until there is no end. Be it a big deal or a petty matter, neither of you wants to back down from the fight and the problem goes on.


3.    Always criticising


It’s good to share advices with each other so you the both of you could build yourselves to a better relationship. However, too much of that becomes unnecessary criticism which could affect your partner emotionally creating doubt to their worth in the relationship.


4.    Unable to be vulnerable to each other


Your partner should be the first person you want to tell how your day went. But if you feel otherwise, it is probably because you don’t feel like opening up to them like before as they either will give a long lecture or simply ignore your enthusiasm.


5.    Caught checking out other people

Granted, it’s not like you’re going out to meet that person who has been texting you frequently. But the idea sure is thrilling. If you have that mentality, it goes to show how happy you are with your current squeeze.


Those are just some of the signs that could lead into a doomed relationship. Have you been feeling that way in your relationship? Leave a comment down below.