Famous Celebrity Vacation Spots


Working, be it a 9 to 5 job or freelancing, can sometimes be draining, and a vacation might just be the perfect idea to release the mountain of stress piling up. Even celebrities think so too – shocking, I know.

But have you ever wondered where the rich and famous go to on their off days? Certainly, somewhere grand and luxurious where sneaky paparazzi and crazy fans are out of reach.

Most of these destinations are not affordable to mere everyday people like us but if you do have the money, why not act like a world-famous celebrity for once and visit these breathtaking places. Who knows? You might even bump into one.

1.    Bora Bora, French Polynesia


This tiny island in French Polynesia is a favourite among A-listers and is often considered a must-visit vacation spot at least once in your lifetime (if you have the moolah of course). It is one of the most exclusive and private places in the world where you can stay in a hut-like bungalow over the clear blue water. Ex-couple Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston had their honeymoon here while the Kardashians, and Keith Urban alongside wifey Nicole Kidman frequent the private island.


2.    Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


Cabo San Lucas (or Cabo, as the locals call it) is a resort city south of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula where clear water and gorgeous views surround the place. It being only a two-hour flight from Los Angeles, it is no wonder why the luxurious spot is often a celebrity’s first choice since they can just easily head there anytime they want. George Clooney loves Cabo so much that he even has his own villa there. Other celebrities seen vacationing there include Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow.


3.    Lake Como, Italy


Another George Clooney-approved vacation spot is Lake Como in Italy, a Y-shaped lake that meets with a resort area which is known for its beautiful scenery of green Italian alps. The place is famous for its beautiful Renaissance architecture which gives a historic but romantic feel; convincing John Krasinski and Emily Blunt to hold their wedding there back in 2010.


4.    Maui, Hawaii


Of all the Hawaiian islands available, Maui seems to attract the most star-power. From its large dormant volcanic Haleakalā to its unique black sand beach at Waianapanapa State Park, Maui hits all the checkboxes for celebrities who prefer being in tune with nature. Taylor Swift and her famous squad of friends vacationed there before, and Oprah Winfrey, Owen Wilson, and Woody Harrelson all have a property of their own.


5.    St. Barts, France


A more modern celebrity vacation spot would be St. Barts, a Caribbean island which is famous for its glamorous nightlife, delicious seafood restaurants, designer boutiques, and many other things those damn celebrities with perfect hair care do on their free time. It is often considered a celebrity’s playground where all the famous people of all ages are seen at least once there.


6.    Saint-Tropez, France


St. Tropez owes Brigitte Bardot for its popularity spike, we owe Brigitte Bardot for… well, being Brigitte Bardot. Since gaining international attention from the help of the French bombshell, the coastal town quickly became a hot spot for VIPs and A-list Hollywood stars alike. It is known for its happening nightlife where you will most probably spot a celebrity having fun at the famous Le Club 55.



Looking at these beautiful spots, it sure must be nice being a celebrity, huh? If you could, though, would you spend thousands to go on vacation at any of these places? Leave a comment down below!