Get to Know the Faces of Nike Metallic Sheen Collection — Part II


By Joyce Chua from THREAD SG

Women who stretch the limits of possibility.

The Nike Metallic Sheen collection was designed to empower women through sports and inspire the belief that sports teaches them to push their boundaries and take on new challenges. Backed by this philosophy, the collection is designed to help women become stronger, confident athletes by offering innovative features, comfort, and aesthetics.

As part of the APLA Nike Women campaign, four dynamic female athletes — Sae Shigemoto, Amber Liu, Tayla Harris, and Arantza Ruiz — each demonstrate their aptitudes, never-say-die positivity, and a common passion for sports that constantly pushes herself and her city forward. They stretch the limits of possibility in their respective fields — be it sports or performing — and cite sports as their driving force.

Arantza Ruiz | Mexico City | @artantzaruiz_


As an actress, freestyle dancer, and singer, Arantza Ruiz is comfortable being in the spotlight. The Mexican performer began her acting career at the tender age of four and has since been featured in over ten television series. She now stars in the new show Juana Inés, on top of singing, freestyle dancing, and cultivating her passions for travelling and fashion. Arantza is also a strong advocate of female empowerment through doing what they love and expressing themselves through sport.

“When you dance, or you do any sport, you have a goal. Sport teaches you how to grow with every step and if you apply that to your life, you learn how to grow as a person. That’s the most important thing, to become a better human and sport lets you do that — become someone you want to follow.”

Sae Shigemoto | Tokyo | @saetsuji


Track & Field Paralympic athlete Sae Shigemoto is paving the way for females in sports across Japan. The bronze medallist for the 400M segment at the 2016 Rio Paralympics represented her country and continues to inspire children with disabilities in her hometown of Tokyo, empowering the next generation.

“Sports has changed my life. It has taught me how to engage with people and how to overcome my limits, reach my goals and have fun doing it. What I would like to convey is more pleasure and entertainment with Paralympic sports through my life.”


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