Sports You Can Play With Your Partner Without Being Competitive


Date nights are so overrated. You need something different to spice up your relationship that isn’t as predictable as an ordinary date night. We suggest breaking a sweat together by being sporty! Not only does sports date keep the both of you fit, it also enhances your communication with conversations that are thought-provoking since you and your partner are already on active mode.

However, there are certain sports that you should keep away from playing together. You don’t want to be competitive to each other that it could create a riff in your relationship. Of course, serious sports like rugby or wrestling are out of the picture. Instead, opt for a friendlier sport that the both of you can enjoy without being competitive.

Here are some ideas that you and your partner can try.

1.    Bowling


A date at the bowling alley is actually a good idea, especially for a first date. You got your techno music, cheap junk food, and inexpensive fee which are everything you need for a successful decent date. And as for the game itself, it is kind of sexy to have a little harmless competition that is all in good fun.


2.    Golfing

Hold your brakes, Tiger Woods. We’re not talking about the kind where you golf at a golf course; that’s too much work. Instead, try golfing at a driving range where less walk is needed and there is more shade. An even cuter option would be golfing at a miniature course where you would have lots of fun going through its wacky challenges together.


3.    Kayaking


While kayaking isn’t as romantic as a gondola ride around Venice, it still revolves around the same concept except the both of you have control over the boat this time. Also, kayaking brings you closer to nature with beautiful pit-stops for you to have a romantic moment together before continuing to paddle towards the shore.


4.    Inline skating

Whether it is ice skating or rollerblading, skating indoors is a fun sport you can play together. If your partner is a little shaky, this would be the perfect chance for you to guide her through the rink. You may fall from time to time, but you will have a good laugh, break a sweat, and have an enjoyable time.


5.    Tennis


If you really want to do some serious sports, tennis is the best option for it. While playing against each other might bring out a little competition, you could play together against your best couple friends instead and work as the dynamite team the both of you are. However you play it, seeing your significant other in tennis clothing (your man in shorts and woman in a mini skirt) is a definite plus.



Those are just some simple sports ideas you can play with your loved one. Are there any games you would like to suggest? Do leave a comment on the box below!