STYLE QUICKIE: How to Steal From Your Boyfriend’s Closet

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From Joyce Chua from THREAD SG

With menswear-inspired fashion has been a legitimate trend for years now. From blazers to ripped boyfriend jeans, there’s are so many more options available to us now.

But if you’re thinking of taking it a step further and shopping in the men’s section — or simply “borrowing” from your boyfriend’s closet straight — then here are some items that definitely have a place in your closet:

His Sweater


A comfy sweater feels just like a hug, and it fits perfectly into the athleisure or prep trend.


His Plaid Shirt


The more worn, the better.


His Button-Down Shirt


An Oxford shirt goes with pretty much everything — from ripped jeans to a pencil skirt, and even worn beneath an LBD for a work event.


His Denim Jacket


A well-worn denim jacket adds a rugged touch to a feminine high-waist skirt or flirty floral dress. A slouchy number lends some insouciance to your look.


His Blazer


There is something sexy and empowering about an oversized blazer. Plus, it’s an incredibly versatile piece of clothing. Throw it over a cocktail dress, or pair it with jeans or leather leggings. The possibilities are endless with this one.


His Jeans


“Boyfriend jeans” came about for a reason. Women have been wearing oversized men’s jeans for years. Simply cuff them at the ankles and wear a belt.

Like any key wardrobe staple, it’s all about how you style it. Oversized jeans work for date nights when paired with heels, or casual Sundays with sneakers and a t-shirt.