The Only 5 Shoes Men Need in Their Lifetime


You can tell a lot by looking at a man’s shoe. Be it those fancy futuristic-looking shoes Kanye West keeps producing or a simple dress shoe to look smart in, footwear is what defines a man. It is a crucial piece of fashion item that makes or breaks an outfit. Let’s be honest, how many times have you seen a person ruin a perfectly smart get-up just by wearing flip-flops?

As many of men would agree, the type of shoes worn differ depending on the occasion. However, that doesn’t mean you need a total of 500+ shoes to suit every one of them. Instead, be smart with it and get only the five essentials we have listed below.

1.    Chelsea boots

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Chelsea boots are what fashion-forward men wear to up their shoe game. It is both a stylish upgrade to sneakers and a more bad-ass option than a normal dress shoe. It gives out that rock ‘n roll vibe that modern rockstars are often seen in lately as it looks good in a pair of distressed jeans or a suit.


2.    Derby shoes

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You need to have at least one dress shoe in your closet for more formal occasions. We think a pair of Derbies are a perfect option as they not only fit for formal wear but also for every other casual situation you’re in. If you’re going to buy only one pair of Derby shoes, we suggest going for the leather-made option.


3.    Loafers

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A pair of right loafers can be worn dressed-up or dressed-down. It looks good with every outfit you have even without socks on. In fact, no-socks give out a relaxed impression that screams sailor boy with a luxury yacht.


4.    Slip-ons

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Flip-flops, although the easiest footwear to put on, is a style error. And don’t get us started with those damn Crocs. The best option for an easy-to-wear yet stylish shoe would be the slip-ons. They are probably the comfiest shoes on this list as they are usually cotton-made and are perfect for lazy people who give minimal effort in their everyday attire.


5.    White sneakers

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Sneakers are obviously an essential for every man out there. But don’t go for wacky colour-blocking type sneakers just yet. Instead, opt for an all-white sneaker as your go-to shoe for now. Even if it looks plain and often considered a school shoe, it goes with everything you wear making it the most important piece of footwear you should own.


As tempting as the Nike x Off-White collaboration may be, get these five essentials first before you go crazy on your shoe game. What would you include as a footwear must-have? Leave a comment on the section below!