Tips to Learn A New Language Quickly


Learning a new language has its benefits. Not only does it help you understand and communicate in a foreign language, it also is a satisfying skill to achieve once you’ve truly mastered it.

But why is it so difficult to learn a new language now compared to when we were children? Research mostly concluded that it has to do with time, since we have more responsibilities in our everyday lives than a two-year-old.

But worry not, as we assist you in learning a new language just in time for your next summer vacation. Here are some tips on how to pick up on a foreign language easier and faster.

1.    Auditory or visual learning


Before you start, you need to determine whether you are an auditory or a visual learner first. Whether you learn better by just hearing audio programs or require certain visualisations to really get it, either way, these two methods will help speed up your learning process.


2.    Associate it with an interest


A smart way to quickly learn the language is to associate it with your own interest. Not only does it help hasten your learning progress, but it also avoids you from feeling forced – like you have to learn a second language instead of wanting to. For example, if you are a foodie who wish to learn French, learn a few words relating to the food culture there. At least you’ll have a definite answer when a French local asks the crucial question of “where do you want to eat?”.


3.    Find a language partner


Communication is key when it comes to practicing this new skill. Actually speaking the language with someone else helps you be more comfortable and fluent with it. Practice it with someone who knows so that he or she can correct you if you make any mistakes which are bound to happen. Don’t be shameful when you do though, it is just part of the learning process.


4.    Label things


Labelling things at home in the language you are learning can also help you in this learning process. It doesn’t have to be a specific object. Just things you often use when you’re at home or on the go like fridge, table, sunglasses, and the other many things you own. This will help you familiarise yourself with the basic things you use every day but in a different language. After it becomes easier for you, take the label off but continue calling them in the language.


5.    No translations


Foreign movies are also a helpful tool that you can benefit from. The catch is, don’t turn on the subtitles when watching them. Try to understand the movie by the characters’ gestures and refer to a dictionary if needed. A similar approach to this is to listen to music but in versions with different languages. Singing along to the song will help you be more fluent and accurate with the language, granted that the song should have proper grammar. Hey, if Zhang Ziyi can learn a new language just by listening to Eminem, so can you.



Do you know any languages other than Bahasa Malaysia or English? How do you learn it? Let us know by leaving a comment down below!