Turn Up Your Look with ZALORA BASICS

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It cannot be denied that wearing simple basic pieces makes us feel comfortable and easily to pull off anywhere you go. However, let’s face it that basic wear can often be perceived as boring and has no flavour. Therefore, if you have no idea how you can turn the pieces that are often thought as simple, here we provide you some of the look ideas you can pull off with basic wear while still appearing fashionable from head-to-toe.

1.     Sophisticated Chic

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If you are a working lady and will love to look professional yet stylish in basic wears, lightweight outerwears might just do the trick. Simply layer the outerwear of your choice on top of your tank top or t-shirt and throw in some stylish pair of heels for that complete sophisticated touch.


2.     The Classic Lovers

Who doesn’t like to pull off the classic jeans and t-shirt look especially on a casual day out during the weekends?  You can never go wrong with a classic white tee and blue jeans look.  Not only it is comfortable to wear, it also makes you look trendy without putting much effort. For a creative touch, you can always put some character to your white basic tee by tying the end in any way you prefer.  


3.     Girl Next Door

Turn up your girl next door look by giving your usual dresses a new spunk by matching it with jackets and statement shoes. Look sweet feminine with this look on your date with someone special or flaunt it on your girls’ day out. Play with dresses with patterns if you are looking to pull off an edgy hint or go adorable with soft pastel hues to bring out your sweet side.


4.     Casual Chic

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Go adventurous in pulling together your day-to-day wear by matching each different piece together. Play with a mixture of colours and patterns and show off your personality everywhere you go. As basic wears are versatile to mix and match, take advantage of the situation and be creative!


ZALORA, one of Asia’s online fashion destinations, is presenting its ZALORA Basics collection with quality lightweight materials and trendy splash of colours. So if you are looking to update your day-to-day wardrobe, check out our ZALORA Basics collection as it has been made available on our website.