Ways to Be Mentally Stronger in A Stressed Situation


Working hard can take a toll on us and lead to stress. Be it work from your 9 to 5 job or homework assigned by your college lecturer, the pile-up can only drain us from our social lives causing us to be stressed out or worse, have an emotional breakdown.

While stress causes some people to crumble, some know how to maintain a strong mind and thrive through the added tension with ease. These people don’t let setbacks drag them down as they stay optimistic when dealing with the situation.

Although it may be easier said than done, we gathered a few steps that can help you be more mentally strong while going through a stressful situation.

1.    Stress as an opportunity to learn


Most of us look at stress as a roadblock holding us back to achieve the success we are seeking for. We tend to run far from any problems facing our way to make things easier for us. Granted, that is one way to deal with the situation without ever leaving your comfort zone, but ideally, you want to take this opportunity to learn and grow as an individual. Get out of your comfort zone instead and ace through the problem at hand where you could gain new experiences or information you wouldn’t normally have.


2.    Plan accordingly


Much of our perceived stress is usually due to our lack of proper time management. We take advantage of time and procrastinate until we’ve accidentally piled up a load of unfinished work. This can be avoided by dividing the time you need to complete tasks that are given. Schedules help you keep track of all the things you need to finish on time which eventually lessen stress. So get your planner, or if you’re up to date on gadgets, get your smart watches, and plan ahead of time.


3.    Stress is temporary

As stressful as it may be with all the unmet deadlines and endless workloads, it is important to remember that your stress is only temporary. Think about the end game which can act as a goal to bring you further towards success. Sometimes, we were just making a big deal out of the situation when in reality, it was only a temporary issue.


4.    Learn to say “no”

Let’s be honest, saying “no” to someone, be it a favour or a request, no matter how unwilling you are, always results in stress. You are only adding up their work to your unfinished work which doubles the pressure of you completing them on time. Learn to say “no” to unnecessary requests to avoid over-committing to a subject. Deal with your tasks first, then only accept others at your own pace.


5.    Use stress management techniques


Adapt stress management techniques to ease your mind from the clutter. Meditating, yoga, or just going for a walk outside can help clear your headspace. It is important to dedicate some time for yourself so that you don’t explode and have an emotional breakdown. Find some free time and just relax. Your body and mind need it.



Any other ways to be mentally stronger? How do you deal with stress? Share your tips at the comment section below.