Why Good Girls Like Bad Boys


It happens all the time, where the sweetest girl-next-door gets crushed by a repulsive narcissistic bad boy only to repeat the cycle – AGAIN! She has so much to offer, the most beautiful of them all yet she chooses some guy who is clearly levels below her. Why does this always happen? Why do good girls like bad boys?

From James Dean to James Bond, from Marlon Brando to Colin Farrell; there is something that these bad boys have that make good innocent girls go crazy for. It is a mystery as to why girls find them so attractive that they are blinded to their appalling behaviour.

Here we try to uncover why girls are willing to go over the same mistake they make with a guy who doesn’t even appreciate her worth.

1.    They are enigmatic


Bad boys are shrouded in mystery. You don’t really know what he does or where he comes from. They usually just leave girls hanging from a conversation which only piques their interest into wanting to find out more. This will result in girls chasing over them to figure out who they really are after not replying to their text messages.


2.    The “I can change him” excuse

The “I can fix him” excuse is getting old. A lot of girls who go for guys with a questionable persona tend to believe that they can somehow change his way to be a better person. Although it being a thoughtful gesture, it does not guarantee that he would change for you or even for himself. She may hang onto the relationship, thinking her sacrifices would encourage him to improve, but it’s most likely that she will end up suffering the most.


3.    They have that IDGAF attitude

Bad boys are usually confident, straight-forward, and most importantly, they are not afraid of interacting with girls. Even with girls who are obviously miles out of their league, bad boys always seem to find a way to get their attention. While nice guys tend to wait for the right time to make a move, bad boys are already there getting her number.


4.    They are more fun to be with


Another reason why good girls go for bad boys is that those human devils know how to have a good time. Bad boys are usually prone to many activities since they are more open on things which makes them more experienced and knowledgeable in things that people wouldn’t normally associate with. A girl’s sense of curiosity only drives them to be with the guys who will introduce them to something new.


5.    They look cool


Above all, what really catch girls’ attention is the way these bad boys dress. Even if you don’t agree with this bad boy nonsense, you must admit, they do have some sense of style. A badass leather jacket over a dirty shirt, good hair, and beat up jeans are a must-have when trying to look the part of a bad boy. In a way, they are good at making first impressions which automatically make girls think that they are decent even if they are not.



Have you ever fallen in love with a bad boy? Or are you one of the bad boys? Tell us your experience at the comment section below!