ZALORA LOVES LOCAL Exclusive Interview with Fashion Stylist, Andrea Kee


Andrea Kee started her career as a fashion editor at a local publication and has made a name for herself in the local fashion scene by working as a stylist with various famous fashion brands, celebrities as well as beauty queens. ZALORA believes that Andrea personal touch in styling is magnificent and we are truly inspired. Check out our interview with her down below to get to know a few facts about this lovely individual.

1.   What is your definition of style?

I think style plays a part in showcasing our personality. It allows people to get a glimpse into who we are. When a name is brought up, one of the first things that comes to my mind is: “What’s this person’s everyday style?” but that’s perhaps my occupational hazard [laughs].


2.   Describe your style in three words.

Unconventionally femininine with an edge.


3.   Do you think Malaysians have a distinct style?

Streetwear! Its influence is getting more apparent on our shores, and I think our local style icons are great at mixing up high- and low-end brands!


4.   How important is it for Malaysia to cultivate its fashion industry?

Its extremely important! The rich diversity in Malaysian fashion design is just pure genius, and our designers deserve to have their work presented internationally. I’m always asked who are some of Malaysia’s best homegrown designers, and I beam with pride when I mention names like Khoon Hooi, Nurita Harith, and Mimpkita, as well as up-and-coming ones like Weihaoyong.


5.   E-commerce retailers like Zalora are huge supporters of Malaysian fashion. How do you think this helps local designers and fashion brands grow?

Just starting any business requires capital. More so if it’s a new designer who is just trying to start out — digital marketing, equipment, textiles, payroll, e-Commerce marketing — if he/she doesn’t have an investor with deep pockets, it’s a real struggle to even get noticed. Zalora gives these newcomers a platform to reach out to potential customers, and make themselves known. It’s simply convenient and super helpful.


6.   What do you think you bring to the Malaysian fashion table as a stylist?

I think I’ve managed to create a niche for myself in terms of my fashion styling — my work reflects elevated everyday dressing that Malaysians can relate to. Ultimately, I’d like to think I contribute a small part to inspire women and men alike, to first understand their own body shapes before taking the plunge to shop and dress up for their everyday lives.


7.   Name three local personalities whose style you admire.

Camelia, Scha Alyahya, and Yuna!


8.   What has been your proudest moment thus far as a Malaysian in fashion?

I’ve been giving opportunities to work internationally at fashion weeks and fairs/exhibitions, but when I’m back home, it’s getting to style local icons like Nurul Izzah Anwar, Hannah Yeoh, Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir, Pandelela Rinong, Carmen Soo, Elfira Loy, Ain Edruce and so on. It’s a long list, but you get the drift. These are some of my proudest moments!


9.   Baju kebaya or baju kurung? Explain your choice.

Baju Kebaya! I’m all for celebrating a women’s curves, and the Kebaya does just that in such a classy-yet-sexy manner.


10.        Which Malaysian icon would you love to style?

I would love to style Yuna! Also because I really enjoy modest wear styling.