ZALORA LOVES LOCAL Exclusive Interview with Founder of Nita Cosmetics, Nita Zainul Azman


The Founder of Nita Cosmetics, Nita Zainul Azman has surely used her passion for makeup products and turned it into a successful business. Starting a makeup brand which would cater the Malaysian market with a very affordable price,  the Nita Cosmetics brand truly reflects the fun, quirky and unapologetic spirit of a person. For those who feel inspired with this humble young lady entrepreneurship journey, ZALORA had the chance to get some little insights for you to know in our exclusive interview down below.

1.    What inspired you to start your own beauty brand?

I was at a stage in my life where I didn’t know what my goals were or which direction I was headed. I asked myself “What do I spend most of my time doing?” and realised I spent a lot of time in beauty stores or pharmacies, testing out makeup shades on the back of my hand. Even if I didn’t buy anything, I loved doing just that. It was then that I realised makeup was my passion all along. Now I understand that your passion lies in what you spend most of your time doing.


2.    How would you describe Nita Cosmetics?

Fun, quirky, and really good quality.


3.    What do you think sets Nita Cosmetics apart from all the other Malaysian makeup brands?

Every single collection has a story to it. We are so proud of our local traditions and customs and it has played a huge role in each of our products. I believe that Nita Cosmetics is the first to incorporate elements of local identity in our branding. For example, in our first Traditional Collection, we named the shades ‘Kurung’, ‘Kebaya’, ‘Saree’, ‘Songket’, and ‘Cheongsam’. It’s not just a lipstick for us; each product has its own character and story.


4.    What inspires your collections?

Besides Malaysian culture and diversity, I’d say movies and comic books inspire my collections!  I love storytelling and my background is filmmaking. As a kid, I’d watch films after school and read comic books. If you look at our packaging, it’s colourfully illustrated and we pay attention to detail. I’d like to think of it as a story book cover. From there, we name the shades and then proceed to the type of product, texture, and so on.


5.    What is your favourite beauty trend of 2018?

I’m into the ‘baking’ trend. I’m no expert, but I admire bold makeup. Malaysians are fans of the natural look and so am I, but I am also in awe of makeup artists or Youtubers who can do Arabian/Indian-inspired makeup. Heavy eyeliner, eyebrows, contouring — it’s a skill!


6.    Do you think Malaysians have a favourite makeup look?

Malaysians for sure prefer the natural look, especially nude lips. We are conservative people and we don’t want to attract too much attention. Most of us are shy to put on purple lipstick because it’ll be deemed as ‘too much’.


7.    How has making Nita Cosmetics available online via e-commerce retailers like Zalora helped your brand grow in the local market?

When Nita Cosmetics first started out on Zalora, people got to know more about our brand. It gave us a lot of exposure especially to customers who weren’t from our primary target market. It’s great to be on a platform that carries you on the same level as international brands.


8.    What has been your proudest moment thus far as a Malaysian in fashion/beauty?

We won an award for Best Liquid Lipstick, and to make it even better, we beat some international brands too. Just got the news a couple of weeks ago, and we’re still riding cloud nine!


9.    Lipstick or lip creme? Explain your choice.

If I’m driving or Grabbing, lipstick because lip cremes require careful precision. I’ll wear it if I’m not moving about too much. Most days, I’m always wearing something from our Warung Collection because one swipe is all it takes for full coverage. Saves time!


10. Which Malaysian icon would you love to be the face of your brand?

I love influencers who are always so positive and cheerful. We engaged with Syaf Othman. She has the best smile and when I look at her Instagram, it lifts up my mood because she’s just so much fun! That’s the energy I want people to have when they wear Nita Cosmetics.