ZALORA LOVES LOCAL Exclusive Interview with Hair Stylist, Cody Chua


Cody Chua, the hair stylist who has been in the hairstyling game for almost 10 years is one of the top go-to names for hair in Malaysia. He never fails to always strive his best to constantly observe runway shows, study foreign magazines and do research online in order to learn different aspects of hairstyling in the business. For those who are interested to find out some interesting facts about Cody, read our exclusive interview with him down below.

1.   How did you start out in hairstyling?

It’s something I’ve always loved doing. I used to love playing with my sister’s hair, and I decided that after I finished school, I wanted to become a hair stylist.


2.   What do you define as good hair?

There’s isn’t a subjective answer to this. As long as the cut looks good, suits the person, and is easy to manage daily, that’s good for me.


3.   Can a hairstyle really make or break someone’s image?

Different lengths, styles, textures and even colour gives you a different look, so whatever you do with your hair can definitely make or break someone’s look.


4.   Name three local personalities whose style you admire.

Scha Alyahya, Izrin of Innaired, and Camelia.


5.   How do you think Malaysians approach hair trends?

In my humble opinion, I think Malaysians can put more thought into how their hair is styled. They need to understand the need of having their hair done for occasions or even as they leave their house. Hair counts as much as fashion and makeup!


6.   What has been your proudest moment thus far as a Malaysian in fashion?

To be able to work with so many legendary Malaysian talents that I look up to.


7.   Straight hair or curly hair? Explain your choice.

Straight hair! It’s neat, and is the best ‘fashion’ look ever.


8.   Which Malaysian icon would you love to style?

Camelia. The woman is beyond class and sophistication!