ZALORA LOVES LOCAL Exclusive Interview with Influencer & Media Personality, Yaya Zahir


Having 160,000 followers on Instagram alone, Yaya Zahir believes to always remain being real and keep a down-to-earth attitude everywhere she goes. Before you think she might be another hyped social media influencer, think again as this lovely lady also rocks a career in being a TV host, actress and a model. Talk about being multi-talented! Get to know her with our exclusive interview down below.

1.      Did you set out to be an influencer?

Not at all. I didn’t see all this coming, and still don’t consider myself an influencer. I’ve been doing commercials since I was a baby, and I think because of that, I am quite comfortable in front of the camera; it’s second nature, almost. I’ve come a long way, but I still have more goals to achieve.


2.      Why do you think people see you as an influencer?

I think it’s the content I share online. I pay a lot of attention to detail, and work with brands that I genuinely like. I think as an influencer, its really important to work with a sincere heart, and with brands that you really believe it, not just for the money. Sincerity is important because your followers tend to take your word for it.


3.      Define your sense of style.

My sense of style is minimal with a slight edge.


4.      Who are your favourite local designers?

There are so many! Ezzati Amira, Mimpikita, Innaired, Supersunday, Rizalman, Jonathan Liang and many more. I have the utmost respect for local designers and feel a huge sense of pride for them and their work.


5.      What do you think sets you apart, stylewise, from other influencers in the country?

This is a tough question! [laughs]. I don’t know; maybe it’s because of the things I share and say in whatever I do. I try to be 100% myself and maybe that makes my followers feel like they can relate.


6.      How do you think influencers affect Malaysian fashion and beauty?

Every influencer has their own style and when we work with certain fashion and beauty brands, we bring life to the brand in different ways, according to our personalities. It adds more dimension and depth to the brand.


7.      How have e-commerce retailers like ZALORA impacted your fashion content as well as your style identity as a Malaysian influencer?

I think it’s one of the best things to ever happen to ever happen, especially to us girls. I get to shop from my computer or phone, and that’s super convenient. If I need something new to wear for a show or event, I get it almost immediately. It helps keep me and the look of my online content stylish and up-to-date.


8.      Selfies or OOTDs? Explain your choice.

OOTDs for sure. I think they show off your personality. However, a shameless selfie every once in a while is okay. [laughs]


9.      Which Malaysian brand would you love to work with?

I’m in love with Jonathan Liang’s designs. I hope I get to work with him one day. That’s the dream!