ZALORA LOVES LOCAL Exclusive Interview with Makeup Artist, Att Yusof


This lovely lady started out as a social media influencer who made a move to becoming a makeup artist in a few years. Although she has been a professional makeup artist for less than a year but this 25 year old definitely knows what she is doing. She believes that if she is good and passionate in something, she can totally make a career out of it which definitely was a great decision for her! Interested to get to know more about Att Yusof? Read her interview with us down below.

1.      Why did you choose to pursue a career in makeup artistry?

Makeup has always been my passion. I was exposed to it from a very young age because my mom was a ‘mak andam’. I guess I got it from her, because I too enjoy doing makeup for other people.


2.      What is your least favourite makeup trend from the last two years?

It has got to be the pink, babydoll look that makes you look like you’re suffering from a terrible cold, and also Instagram brows! That’s the trend where brows are drawn on very dark and very boxy. I have to be honest though, I used to do the Instagram brows, but I left that in 2016 where it belongs.


3.      What makeup trend do you think Malaysians rock best?

I think with our weather, Malaysians look best when they do the minimal makeup look with rosy cheeks. Imagine curled up lashes, textured brows, flushed cheeks, dewy skin, and lip gloss!


4.      What would you define as a ‘truly Malaysian’ look?

That would be a soft smoky brown eye with wing liner hahaha because that is precisely what you see on social media or during events, and my clients always request for that look.


5.      What do you think sets you apart from all the other makeup artist in the local industry?

Tough question! I think my background in marketing, PR, and events has helped me a lot in getting me to where I am now. Also the fact that I was an ‘influencer’ before becoming a makeup artist definitely sets me apart from some of the other makeup artist. I get first dibs on product launches and makeup releases.


6.      Name three beauty products from local brands that you think everybody should own.


Nita Cosmetics Warung Collection, they have all the brown shades we need in our lives.

Velvet Vanity Go with The Flo, it’s a liquid blush cum lip tint, and it’s super pigmented. Easy for when you’re on the go. Last but not least, Syed Faizal Beauty Pipi palette is an all-in-one palette that gives you that contoured-flushed-highlighted look.


7.      How important is fashion e-commerce retailers like ZALORA to the growth of local fashion and beauty brands?

It’s a blessing to local fashion and beauty brands because of the platform that they provide. It gives us a chance to emerge in the market in what is a very competitive industry.


8.      What has been your proudest moment thus far as a Malaysian in fashion?

Seeing our local brands being presented at an international level really makes my heart skip a beat. For example, when Bernard Chandran presented his collection to the Duchess of Cambridge — how cool is that?!


9.      Smokey eyes or red lip? Explain your choice.

Why not both? [laughs] On a serious note, I’d pick smokey eyes because the first thing people look at is your eyes. A smokey effect creates an alluring look, and done with the right shades, it brings out your eye colour.


10.  Which Malaysian icon would you love to make up?

 This is a super tough question! I think i would love to do up Yuna. I’ve met her before and I think she is a great person with amazing talent. Being able to enhance her natural beauty would be such an honour.