ZALORA LOVES LOCAL Exclusive Interview with Model, Natalie Prabha


Being the new kid on the block where she did her first show at Malaysian Fashion Week 2018, Natalie Prabha is surely learning the ropes in the modelling industry. She is one of the most-sought-after faces of fashion in Malaysia from walking the runways to gracing the glossy pages all year. This 24 year old model definitely stuns the crown everywhere she goes. For those interested to know about how she started her modelling journey can check out our interview with her down below.

1.   Why did you become a model?

Family and friends have always encouraged me to model, but I never had the confidence to do it. Earlier this year, I was scouted to walk for Malaysian Fashion Week and things kicked off from there. Now, I am thoroughly enjoying what I do and it has certainly become one of my passions. 


2.   What do you think is your best feature?

I would have to say my legs. They are in a way relatively long [laughs], but they are also slightly crooked as they don’t stand as straight as “normal” legs. I’d like to think they are a bit special and unique and that’s what makes them my best feature.


3.   What do you think sets you apart from other Malaysian models?

I suppose it’s the fact that I am the only vegan Malaysian model [laughs]. I think my mix race — Indian, Chinese, and Kadazan — makes me different. This mix has blessed me with my distinct features and it also sets me apart because my look fits many client preferences, whether it’s Malay, Indian, Pan-Asian, European, or South American. So far, no one has guessed my background correctly, and it’s a fun game to play.


4.   What is a common misconception Malaysians have about models?

‘Models are dumb’ is the most common misconception I hear. Many models start their careers from a young age and some pursue their careers without furthering their education. Modelling is a skill you learn through experience; it isn’t taught in university. It requires the right attitude and perseverance. A lot of us are very much educated and intellectual in our own ways. Without our intelligence, it wouldn’t be possible for us to bring a creative vision to life in stills. Besides, a degree doesn’t define your intelligence.


5.   Who are your favourite local designers?

Syomirizwa Gupta, Afiq M, and Kree!


6.   Which three words would you use to define ‘Malaysian beauty’ to someone who has never met a Malaysian?

Diverse, unique, and captivating.


7.   How do you think e-commerce retailers like ZALORA have contributed to Malaysian fashion and modelling?

ZALORA has been a platform for upcoming brands and models to showcase their work and to widen their range of customers and audience. For example, the ZALORAYA fashion shows and campaigns for local designers and Make Me A ZALORA Model competition for aspiring models have had a huge impact in introducing local names and faces to our scene.


8.   What has been your proudest moment thus far as a Malaysian in fashion?

Honestly, being featured in this ZALORA Loves Locals campaign. I’m still relatively new to this industry, so being given this opportunity to be recognised as a person contributing to Malaysian fashion is definitely the proudest moment for me so far.


9.   Runway or editorial? Explain your choice.

Editorial! For me, it’s a form of self-expression. You get to connect with the camera and photographer and be as creative as you like. It’s fun, empowering, and oddly satisfying, especially when you nail the execution of the idea behind the shoot.


10.        Which Malaysian designer would you love to model for?

Jimmy Choo, of course! That would be a dream come true.