ZALORA LOVES LOCAL Exclusive Interview with Photographer, Bibo Aswan


Bibo Aswan is a name known for his distinctive photography style making him the focus in the fashion community, brands, magazines and even TV shows. Believing that photography is a never-ending learning process which gives room for constant growth and improvement definitely makes him strive to be the best in his career. Read down below to gain a few insights about one of the top photographers in our country. 

1.       What drew you to fashion photography?

Watching a behind-the-scenes of a photoshoot for the first time. It was then I decided to join the photography club at school. I was intrigued by the chaos of the entire process, but the flawlessness of the final product.


2.       Capture your work in three words.

Shapes. Colours. Feminine.


3.       Do you think photography has helped Malaysian fashion evolve?

Yes! I feel as photographers, we capture the very essence of Malaysian fashion because we recognise and focus on the culture and background that goes into the designs. Our familiarity with our culture creates a powerful, more impactful picture.


4.       What do you think makes Malaysian fashion unique?

Variety! The fact that we live within a sphere with so much diversity gives Malaysian fashion an edge that isn’t really found anywhere else. Our industry is a huge mix of all the culture, colour and tradition — among other things — that gives us that edge.


5.       What has been your favourite project to date?

All my work that I’ve done with local designers. There are no favourites because they’re all good and amazing to work with. They’ve believed in my work and appreciated all my effort and input into photographing their work.


6.       Who is your favourite local designer to photograph and why?

I have different moments that I favour with different clients, but if I had to pick I’d say Syomirizwa Gupta, Adila Long, and Afiq M.


7.       Fashion e-commerce retailers like ZALORA are huge supporters of our local fashion brands. How do you think they can champion or extend support to local fashion photography?

I’d like to see more campaigns headlining local talents. Countries like Indonesia and Thailand always give their talents full support. It’s not like we don’t give our local talents the same support, but I think we can do a lot more — like run campaigns that are powered from top to bottom by Malaysians. From makeup artists and fashion brands, to models and photographers - make it an all-Malaysian thing!


8.       What has been your proudest moment thus far as a Malaysian in fashion?

Bring able to shoot for international franchises and showcase my work on TV shows like Asia’s Next Top Model and Supermodel Me.


9.       Digital or film? Explain your choice.

I’d have to pick digital because I like to tweak my images. A lot of photographers would disagree with me, but I’m all about making art and digital photography gives me a bit more room to create an art piece. Film has its perks of course, but I like being able to play around with my photos. There’s no turning back with film, though I have started playing around with a film camera and am enjoying it. I think both formats have their pros and cons.


10.    Which Malaysian icon (from any field) would you love to photograph?

I’d like to shoot Camelia. She’s the icon of everything beautiful and stylish in Malaysia!