2018 Trends That Are Leaving Us for Good

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As the new year has started, now is the time to take a moment to assess the trends were in 2018 fashion world . Goodbye 2018 and Hello 2019! Fashion trends are something that people are always keeping tabs on. Every time there is a new trend rising in the industry, it is something that people needs to follow and be part of. You may see on Social Media where it is a MUST to at least have that “one item” when it is on trend! With the hashtag #ootd, it is easier for people to access the trends that are currently becoming a hit! 2018 is a year that is full of blessing when it comes to fashion trends. We can say that, 2018 trends are more likely a comeback trend that already existed during the 70’s - 80’s, but we bring it back to the new era with many ways of styling. Before we leave 2018 behind in memory, let’s see some fashion trends that are leaving us for good and maybe can rise back in 2019. 

1. Belt Bags


Belt bags are now back in trend in 2018! All the fashion bloggers and celebrities were really looking forward towards this trend. When this trend first came out, it is started from Gucci GG Marmont quilted-leather belt bag and other brands started to come with their own design and style. It can be worn both in a sporty and feminine way. By some reason, it looks kinda edgy and elegant!  It’s not only on trend among the women but men too!

2. Side Stripe Trousers

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Side stripe pants were once considered as casual pants, but, when it comes to fashion terms, things have changed! If you haven't noticed yet, side stripe pants have been a huge fashion trend in 2017, and yes, it is a comeback in 2018! People style them in many ways and it can be styled during fall, with all your favourite shirts, sweaters, jackets etc.

3. Over-sized Blazer


Over-sized blazer all started from the Korean Style (K-Style)! They like to wear it during winter, but, hey, now we just can wear it during the summer too! It really gives you a combo of feminine and elegant look with this outfit! This over-sized blazer has become one of the runaway fashion looks that many of high-end brands present during Fashion Shows like Channel and Dior. This style is famous during the 80’s too!

4. Slip-on Loafers

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It is all started from Gucci Black Fur Princetown Slippers and other brands have made this slip-on loafers as a casual yet trendy footwear to pull off. It has an extra statement touch to it and also comfortable to wear! The design itself can be worn casually on a daily basis and still appear stylish. We bet that everyone at least owns one of this, right?

5. Suit


The only celebrity we knew who looks hot in a suit is bdefinitely Victoria Beckham! But, in 2018, it has become a trend and we saw many celebrities rocking the suit style in many different ways. Not only that, suits that are known to come in all black now have various different colors and design too. The material can be in full silk, cotton, satin etc.

6. Normcore Sneakers

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This sneaker is all over the internet and it started with high-end brand which is Balenciaga. This normcore sneaker also known as hypebeast fashion that everyone was into last year! . Normcore means unisex fashion trend characterized by unpretentious, normal-looking clothing that can be worn for both genders.


So, what is your 2018 trends that you feel has left us for good? Share in a comment section down below