2019 Colours That are Defining Fashion


Colour plays a huge role in the world of fashion. It makes or breaks a look. If you are wearing a colour that is suitable to your skin tone, it will flatter your whole style. If not, what you think looks cool on you ultimately falls apart. Hence, colours are important elements that you should carefully consider if you want to one up your outfit game.

Each year, colours vary according to its trend. Last year we see a surge in soft pastels and electric neon colours. But this year, brighter colours, including neutrals, reign various fashion week runway events.

Here we choose some of the colours that could potentially be big among fashionistas in the industry and on the streets alike.

1.    Living Coral

live life.jpg

The number one colour trend all year long is obviously Pantone’s Colour of the Year which is Living Coral. Described as humanizing and heartening, the Living Coral colour is a shade of orange and a little bit of pink with a golden undertone which energizes and enlivens your outfit with a softer edge to it. Expect this particular colour to take fashion by storm with supermodels like Chrissy Teigen and Gigi Hadid already donning it.


2.    Brown Granite


A neutral colour that will be the base of a lot of outfit is Brown Granite. It is on the darker side of the colour spectrum in brown, almost bordering to grey. This colour is perfect to act as a base which you can layer other colours over it. Other neutral colours that are of the same caliber include Eclipse, Soybean, and Sweet Corn.


3.    Pink Peacock


This shade of pink is definitely a more theatrical colour as it is loud and vibrant especially if worn as an outfit. Do not let your entire outfit be in Pink Peacock though if you are not as daring. Use it as a colour that compliments your outfit like a jacket, socks, belt, or even scarves. A Pink Peacock coloured makeup is also a cool look too.


4.    Terrarium Moss


On a darker tone, the Terrarium Moss is a good colour to pick up on. It showcases the beauty of our natural world by taking a shade from the forest. This specific colour is usually seen in camo green but this year, use it as a whole. Unlike the Pink Peacock, the Terrarium Moss is versatile enough that it can be on any clothing piece. Match it with the aforementioned neutral Brown Granite for a muted look or pair it with black to appear gangster.



There are many more colours that are showing signs of domination in the fashion industry. This include Fiesta, Jester Red, Mango Mojito, Pepper Stem, Princess Blue, Toffee, and Turmeric. With all these various colours, you can easily experiment with them by mixing and matching each other to bring out your best look of 2019.

Which colour do you think you can pull off? Which of the ones you haven’t tried yet but would like to this year? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!