3 Desperate Ways to Get Out of The Friend Zone


Have you ever thought that the friendship you are worshiping will end just by one simple step? Yes, it’s possible and it’s known as confession. Many have suffered from this step as its consequences were unbearable. There are three possibilities after the confession has been done, one, the other person has the same feeling towards you. Two, you will be badly rejected. Or three, they don’t like you but they prefer just to be friends with you by saying you are too good for them. This is the typical excuse but most painful. At this moment, you are officially in the friend zone.

Before everything gets more complicated, let’s understand what does “FRIEND ZONE” situation really means. Friend zone is a situation when one person is in a friendship realized that he or she has a feeling for the other person.which is liking him or her more than just a friend Thus, they will decide to jump across the line into another level of relationship, maybe from friend to lover. However, usually, the other person will have zero idea about having any interrelationship emotion connection and most likely to reject the other friend’s feeling and prefer to stay as only a friend.


Once this happens, the friendship will get awkward and dry through time which will sometimes blew the chance to talk to them again. Getting out of the friend zone and to reverse back to a normal friendship can be hard but it’s worth a try. Just assume that everything is going to be okay.

All you have to do is to read this article until the end and you will find some useful tips to get you out of the friend zone situation.

1. Busy Yourself


Spend less time with your “friend” will actually help you to escape from the friend zone. Have you ever wonder why would being available, present and friendly makes you less attractive? And why would being kind of a cocky, too cool and hard to get makes you more attractive? This is because we desire things that are difficult to obtain because we don’t like to have our freedom limited.

It is believed that we will only realize how important someone is to us until they are gone from our lives. Maybe you can start with slowly ignoring their messages. Do not reply to them immediately and pretend like you are actually unavailable. This will create a need. They are probably going to miss you and perhaps will make them understand that they should be more than friends with you too.

On the other hand, if they do not realize that you are gone, then they are just not for you and it is a sign to move on.

2. Take a Step Back


Usually, when someone wants you more than you do, it will create disparity. It is good for you to actually take a step back because looking desperate is not sexy at all. You will look like a weak creature with a lack of confidence and that is a major turn off in any possible ways.

If you want to win this, you are suggested to play a small cold war with them. Hang out more with your other friends and this may develop some friendly jealousy. if this friend wants the same treatment from you, they will know that it is time to step up their game on you.

However, if you are not getting any sense of jealousy, they probably happy with their own life without you right now. Do not be so disappointed, it is not the end of the world. Collect your courage together and swim away.

3. Treat them with Kindness


Sometimes, words are just not enough to fluctuate someone’s heart. You will need to slice them by showing what they can get from you. Be kind to your friend and always treat them well, raise them up and make sure that they know you appreciate them. You can start by giving them a cool birthday present such as handbag for a woman and a shirt for a man.

Do not take any of their actions for granted. They are probably clueless and confuse but when they see your efforts on putting everything together, perhaps it might be the key to open their heart and establish a solid fundamental to push your relationship to the next level. You will see if the feeling is getting response but do not be scared to draw the line and move away if it is needed.

Bonus: Find Similarity


Generally speaking, humans will be attracted to someone by looking at these two things, compatibility and interest. Compatible is a point where both parties understand and complete each other. You share the same idea, hobby and maybe same favorite food which makes them feel more comfortable and compatible with you. While interest means what they want from their mate.

Some may like a big bulky and good-looking person but some prefer efforts more than appearance. It depends on the person that you are trying to date. Just make sure to check on both things before trying to move any further.

In a nutshell, take these three desperate ways to get out of the friend zone and put them into who you are. Changing your mind working system, behavior, habits and the way you solve problems can optimize your chance of escaping the friend zone sitaution. Don’t forget to comment below.