4 Makeup Mistakes to Avoid Making on A First Date


First dates always bring excitement and anxiety as we aim to make a good first impression. We want to stay within the border line of being sexy yet looking approachable to our date. However, we cannot deny that sometimes we feel overwhelmed in impressing our date that we can go to extra lengths in ensuring we capture their whole attention, and this unfortunately includes making some makeup mistakes along the way. So as good as it is to have your makeup game on point, these are a few makeup mistakes that you should definitely avoid making on a first date.     

1.     Lip Gloss

Dennis Basso emn S19 007.jpg

Although it might make your lips appear kissable, it is advisable to avoid on a first date. If you have the ambition of kissing the guy at the end of the night, you know how uncomfortable lip gloss might be for your date.


2.     Glitter

Glitter shows that you are in a party mood and a no-no to wear on a first date. It just makes you appear that you are trying a little too hard to get his attention. You want to come across sophisticate and suave so try to skip the glitter this time.


3.     Clumpy Mascara


You would want your makeup to appear clean and natural for your date. Clumpy mascara will ruin your entire makeup look. Go for a simple swipe and make sure it is applied nicely on your lashes. You do not want to bat your clumpy mascara look and feel self-conscious during the entire date.


4.     Wrong Foundation


This is another mistake that some women often overlook. Never fail to wear a foundation that suits and blends in well with your skin tone. The wrong foundation shade will definitely affect your natural makeup look because your date might realize the different skin shade between your face, your neck and your hands. That would be embarrassing and seems like you are piling on heave makeup when you just applied the wrong foundation shade. Choosing the right shade will absolutely make you appear naturally flawless.



So what other makeup mistakes that women often make on a first date? Let us in the comment section below.