A Quick Way to Organize Your Closet


Organizing, its a big word to fathom especially if you are struggling with it. Whether to organize your workstation, your schedule, your house or your life in general. The first key to being organized is to focus on one thing at a time in this case is the closet. Organized closet will help you save time especially in the morning when you are rushing for work. Read more to find quick ways to organize your closet.


Store your clothes according to how frequent you reach for the clothes to wear.

The most used, less-used and least-used at the bottom or at the highest part of your closet. Storing according to the frequency you are wearing them is the best tip you can begin with. You save plenty of time ransacking your closet to find your favorite blouse by having them at eye level.

Hang your clothes according to the height and categories.


Keep in mind when hanging your clothes, you don’t simply hang them wherever you see fits. Create a section for you to hang your blouses, long dress and skirts so they don’t jumble up.

Use storage baskets for anything small or miscellaneous items in the closet.

If there is no need for you to have them hanging, storage baskets is the way to go. It helps you to keep all your belongings in place while making your closet looks organized as ever. Double wins.

Roll your clothes not folding them.


Instead of having your pants folded try rolling them next time you organize your closet. This trick has been around the internet for quite a while especially when you have a slim drawer to store your clothes. Roll the pants and having them side by side is much better because you can see exactly what you have and taking them out would be much less of a mess than taking out pants that is stacked at the bottom of the pile.

Use a slim hanger to save some space.


For small closet, saving as much space is equally as important as having an organized closet. Bulky hangers usually take unnecessary closet space. There are plenty in the market nowadays and you can even stack them on top of each other.

Hooks and shelving for extra storage space.

Hook is extremely useful for hanging your bulky clothes like coats and sweatshirts.  Besides you can also utilize the hooks for hanging your “go-to outfit” that you have planned out to wear the night before.  Shelving on the other hand, can be used to store your out of season clothes, your bedsheet or anything big like your blanket and such.

Color coding your closet.


It obviously took some effort to stay organized. For some they swear by color coding the closet. You can use the rainbow orders to arrange your colors.  If your closet is more of an earthy tone or monochrome you can begin with the lightest shade to the darker ones.

Small trays for accessories.

Either you are a necklace or earrings collectors, having small trays to store your accessories is a good organizing tip. They are widely available in the house decor section or if you are feeling DIY, there are plenty of tutorials you can learn from on the internet on how to make your own accessories tray.

You can make use of what you already have, you just need to utilize the space a little bit better by maximizing each spaces to its full capacity. Its also important to try and be consistent when it comes to organizing your closet.  If one of your goals is to be organized be sure to share this articles if you find it useful for you.