Best Shoes to Wear for Rainy Days


Other than monsoon season, Malaysia seldom experience rain. So, it is no wonder that people here are typically not ready when rain comes, fashion-wise. Do not get us wrong, we are not telling you to be all vogue and fashionable during rain, but you do need to take certain things into consideration when the day comes.

One problem people face during rainy days, besides ruining your hair, is their shoes becoming all wet. There are specific shoes that can and should be worn when the rain pours to avoid your feet from feeling soaked and uncomfortable.

Sure, the shoes on this list are not as stylish as your pair of Yeezys, but it is definitely practical on a rainy day. Here are some types of shoes that are best worn when rain comes.

1.    Combat boots


Let’s get one thing straight. Rain boots are dorky and should not be worn by any adult above the age of 16 ever. Leave that to toddlers and your little nephews and nieces. You, on the other hand, should be wearing combat boots as a step up from rain boots. Those Dr. Martens type boots that are made from durable leather are perfect for rainy days as they are waterproof. Also, you would look like a badass in one even if you are bubbly inside.


2.    Chelsea boots


If you want to add a little rockstar look to your rain outfit, a pair of Chelsea boots are a good option for it. Unlike the combat boots which are chunky and sturdy, a Chelsea boot are more relaxed because of the elastic sides thus giving you more comfort. It is also more accessible and goes with any outfit you pull off making it easier to match with your outfit.


3.    Anything leather


Basically, anything that is leather works on a rainy day due to the fact that the material is waterproof and can withstand water puddles with no problem. Besides the aforementioned combat and Chelsea boots, you can go for leather sneakers too to give it a sporty look to your overall outfit. For the ladies, if you really want to appear fashion-forward during rain, wear a pair of knee-high leather boots under a skirt. If that does not turn heads, we do not know what will!


4.    Rubber slides


If leather is not quite your thing, opt for footwear that are made up of rubber. Rubber slides are a good option to choose right now seeing that it is currently on trend to today’s fashion scene. Birkenstock is a good brand that sells colourful and vibrant slides which will give your rain outfit a colour boost and pop out of the grey and gloomy weather.


Now that you know what shoes to wear during a rain, you better start shopping for them before monsoon season comes. Trust us, it is going to serve you justice and not ruin your OOTD whenever you are stuck in the rain.

Do you have a go-to shoe that you wear on a rainy day? Or are you still hanging on to your rubber rain boots that doubles as safety boots? Share your thoughts on the comments section down below!