Breaking Down the Rise of Dad Style


What was once often ridiculed, is now the fashion trend that everybody is getting on board. We are of course talking about dad style. The sudden rise of this ‘90s inspired trend has somehow became part of fashion today with many people rocking the look no matter if you are an actual dad or not.

From Kanye West (who is a dad) to Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper to Bella Hadid; these celebrities embrace dad fashion proudly where we can see them rocking at least a piece from the hot trend. Even high-end labels are getting into the scene by producing dad inspired items for the rich.

But how did this once laughing stock of a trend become a popular thing in fashion? Here, we break down some of the key elements that made dad style relevant today.

1.    ‘90s comeback


It is pretty obvious that the resurgence of ‘90s fashion plays a big role in dad style. Somehow, this particular fashion trend came back with its vibrant colours, oversized jackets, loose jeans, and many other clothing items which were big back then. The media also got into this trend when they produce more new shows and movies that revolve around that time. For instance, “GLOW” and “Everything Sucks!” on Netflix, the critically acclaimed 2018 movie “Mid90s”, and the upcoming big blockbuster hit by Marvel Studios, “Captain Marvel” all have a ‘90s theme which fuels this sudden trend.


2.    Inspirational dads

With all of these ‘90s themed movies and TV shows, it indirectly gave some inspiration for people to follow the footsteps of the fictional characters. Some of the most iconic dads in sitcoms served as inspiration not only for fatherly advices at the end of every episode, but as fashion icons as well. Like Danny Tanner in “Full House” and Tim Taylor in “Home Improvement”, these dads gave an idea of how to nail the dad look. Since today’s generation of youngsters are so gullible that they mimic everything they see on screen, they tend to copy the fashion sense of classic ‘90s TV shows too.


3.    Dad sneakers


The one item that started it all is the dad sneakers. You know, those ugly chunky sneakers your dad always wear on the weekend. If we have to pin point who started this dad sneaker craze, it would definitely be when Balenciaga first introduced the Triple S collection. When those pair of ugly hit stores, it sold out instantly as it was seen as the ultimate dad shoe. Since then, we see lots of celebrities and influencers alike showing off in those fashion forward shoes. Other labels like FILA, Gucci, and Maison Margiela then started to copy this success by producing their own take on the dad sneakers.


4.    More dadcore items


Other than dad sneakers, more dad inspired fashion items start to creep into the scene. Dad caps are a popular item and has been worn by literally everyone in the know of the current trend. Wiz Khalifa is a known favourite when it comes to these dad hats. Another hot dad item are the relaxed jeans that they usually wear on a casual outing. Long gone are the skinny jeans and in are the relaxed fit ones that don’t hug your legs like a second skin.


5.    Continuing the trend

daddy yankee.jpg

With everyone on the streets donning at least a dad clothing item in their outfit, it doesn’t look like the trend is ending anytime soon. Dad sneakers are still the big thing in fashion with celebrities and brands collaborating to produce one, luxurious fashion labels trying to break the streetwear market by creating more shoes like those, and Balenciaga continues to produce their hit footwear in new colours. Crossbody bags is a new addition to the whole dadcore scene which is growing to be the in thing in fashion.



Funny how fashion works. One day we’re making fun of dad style, the next thing we know we are embracing it as a current trend. Guess karma also applies in the world of fashion.

Are you into dad fashion? What dad style items do you own in your wardrobe? Share with us at the comments section below!