Clothes From Your Boyfriend's Closet That You Can Wear


These days, menswear have become a trend. We cannot deny that it looks kinda cool to wear them, plus it is super comfy and effortlessly stylish. In some ways, it’s the perfect look for the modern women in the way that it feminizes masculine wear. Or if you are in your lazy mood or need something baggy, yes, definitely your boyfriend’s closet is the victim! Steal them, style them & wa-lah! You’re ready to go.

Here are some clothes from your boyfriend's closet that you can wear. Happy Styling!

1. Boyfriend Jeans


Cannot deny that everyone of us, at least owns one boyfriend jeans in your closet or if you don’t have any, you can just steal them from your boyfriend's closet. Boyfriend Jeans don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, never outdated! It is so comfortable, stylish and you can wear them everyday! The waist might be a problem, but you can style them to give a statement touch like a belt. If you’re short and boyfriend jeans make you look even shorter, style them with heels or maybe boots!

2. Hoodie


A clingy girlfriend always wants to steal her boyfriend’s hoodie even she has 20 of them. A boyfriend’s loose, comfortable hoodie looks much better! You can make it as a dress and pair them with knee high boots and your effortless style is ready to go.

3. Denim Jacket


A baggy denim jacket from your boyfriend’s closet is a must! If you want to feel a little cozy, just throw some baggy denim jacket, pair them with a stripe crop - top and a baggy pants! Wear some statement items like a small sling-bag and boots!

4. T-Shirt


Boyfriend’s t-shirt always is the best! You can wear them on your lazy day with a pair of sneakers! Throw some necklaces and bracelet to make it look more wearable. You can make a small knot and pair it with jeans too!

5. Shirt


If you’re going on a date with your boyfriend, try this out! His shirt definitely can be your nightly mini-dress! You can just wear them like a mini-dress, add on some belt, pair them with heels & a clutch. Or if you want to make it look more elegant, wear them with skirts, tuck in the shirt, throw some accessories on and you are set!

So, what is your favorite piece from your boyfriend's closet that you like to wear? Share with us on the comment section below!