Hitting the Gym for Beginners


Remember your New Year’s resolution when you said you want to hit the gym this year? How is that going on for you? If you are actively working out to achieve your goal, good on you! But if you haven’t, do not be ashamed about it.

We understand that going to the gym as a first-timer is a daunting experience since the place is an unknown territory to you. It could even be nerve-racking to some if you are unfamiliar with the place and equipment provided there.

Do not worry, though, because we are here to prepare you for this mysterious place called the gym. Here are some tips for you to get started with that New Year’s resolution you promised yourself early in the year.

1.    Watch tutorials

Since this would be your first time to the gym, we assume that you probably do not know what to do there. So, to prepare yourself, watch a couple of workout tutorials in which they introduce you what to expect in a gym and teach the proper beginner level workout. This helps as you will not be clueless when you first step foot to your local gym.


2.    Avoid peak times


Gyms can definitely be a crowded place especially on the weekends. This can impede your workout as a lot of people might be using the same equipment as you plan to in your routine. It can also disrupt your focus, thinking about what others might think of you knowing that this is your first time there. Therefore, choose to go between early morning or early evening to avoid the packed environment.


3.    Ask around


If you are uncertain of some of the intricate equipment provided by the gym, do not be afraid to ask someone who is more experienced in this matter. It could be the gym staff or someone next to you, know that the gym is a friendly place to ask questions. Do not simply plough your way through an unfamiliar weight machine which can hurt your body if not used the right way.


4.    Start with free weights


If the machines provided are too advance for you, try working out using free weights as it is the easiest tool you can use in a gym. It also hits all the muscles in a single workout, so you are actually killing two birds with one stone. You can do your chest, back, legs, and others only by using free weights.


5.    Get a personal trainer


If you still feel like you have no idea what you are doing, get a personal trainer to guide you through. Since the trainer is a professional, you are going to learn new exercises, how to work the equipment there, and most importantly, learn how to do your routine the correct way. It is a guaranteed successful result if you have a trainer, you just need to spend a bit more on your membership card.


6.    Hydrate yourself


It is always important to hydrate yourself during your gym session by drinking lots and lots of water. Try to drink water between sets to keep you hydrated at all times. You do not want to be the person who blacks out on the first day. Therefore, always keep a water bottle alongside you whenever you are in the gym.



Now that you know the basics, ready to head to the gym? How was your first gym experience? Share with us at the comments section below.